How to stop teeth grinding?

My baby is grinding his teeth, he’s 8 months! Is that okay, and should I do anything to stop him from doing it ? Can he damage his little teeth ?! And yes he has tons of teething toys but he just started to grind his teeth the past couple days .


The pressure from the grinding makes their mouth feel better. He has more teeth coming in. That’s how you know his teeth are bothering him. Both my kids did it too.


My son did it and omg it was like nails on a chalkboard to me! The dr said it was normal and fine and not to react to it because that will make it a bad habit instead of just a phase with teeth! Idr how long he kept it up but I know he doesnt do it now!

its normal. he will stop doing it. my kids did it for a week or two

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Following… my 20 month old does this! She currently has 4 teeth popping through… other than her molars that’s all that’s left!

My daughter did this for the longest time and I was so concerned and went to her doctor but they told me shed outgrow it which she did

My son would do that when he got ear infections. It’s natural to bite when your ears hurt.

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My son is 5 yrs old and still does it and i cringe everytime i hear it. I asked his dentest his teeth are fine. She said there is nothing to help until older and if he still does he could use a mouth gard.

Bring it up to your dentist, theyll have a good idea on why and if possible anything that needs done.

I’m 26 and still grind my teeth. Well I grind them in my sleep. My mom told me that I have always grinded my teeth though.

Lightly tap his cheek and tell him no don’t grind your teeth. Tapping his will draw his attention to where you touch and he will learn to recognize your words. BABIES are smarter then we give them credit. My mom use to tell me she would tap our cheeks as infant while nursing and say no don’t bite mommie and it worked. So give it a try.

When my son grinds his teeth (he’s been doing it for a month) he just turned one. I give him a cold teething toy to make him stop

Mine does that from time to time and it makes the cringe. We give his cheeks a little squeeze to make him stop but that doesn’t last, I worry about him hurting his teeth but he only seems to do it when he has a few coming in so it’s not all the time and his teeth are healthy.

If you make a big deal out of it, he’s going to keep doing it. I started rubbing my son’s jaw when he did that and he thought my reaction was funny and he kept doing it.

My 1 year old has done this every time he was about to have a tooth come in. The pressure from doing it makes his mouth feel better. I know the feeling though. It sounds HORRIBLE and drives me crazy lol

Baby’s grind there teeth to make them not sharp!! My ped told me that and that they would be fine​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Maybe he just discovered them and it feels cool. Wait a few days to it it really is a problem. Ignore it and the habit will gradually fade.