How to stop toddler from bitting?

My little one is currently 13 months old. He has randomly started wanting to bite. I have no idea where this behavior came from. I understand teething can cause the need to want to chew possibly bite I guess. He doesn’t do it constantly just when we are holding him sometimes he so sweetly lays his head down and then bites you. He smiles right after doing it even after being told no it’s like he wants to do it more. He thinks it’s funny. I’m sort of at a loss. He is so young I’m not sure how to go about getting it to stop. We don’t allow it. I’ve caught on to when he is going to do it mostly, and back away so he can’t. We have tried this but again he finds that almost funny as well. Any advice on this or experience on this would be appreciated!


My kiddo did that too. She grew out of it after a while of me saying no it hurts mommy.

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My son is 13 months and does the exact same thing recently. I just give him a stern no and offer him other things he can bite on as an alternative

Bite back. Only took one time with all 4 of mine.


Dont bite him hard enough to leave Mark’s but just enough for it to register like ow that’s hurts…my daughter was the same way an I did that just twice an after that she quit…but try an find other things to take his mind off of wanting to bite like his favorite toy or book

Bite him back, it’s just like them wanting to touch the stove. They won’t stop until they know it hurts. Not saying cannibalize your child by any means just enough force for him to understand “wait that hurts”

I think all kids do it. I didn’t really have to bite him back I just made a sad face at them and they felt bad hugged me and whined lol

My daughter did this too. I still have problems with it (very rarely) I smacked her mouth and told her no.

Bite back that stopped my kids

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Bite him back clearly not hard b7t just enough to let him know it hurts worked for mine both havnt bit since 12 months there 5 and 3

Bite him back is the only way it will deter him

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My child, we hope is now 21 and in rve military, would bite all the time, I finally bit him back and he never did it again

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Popped my toddlers mouth once and told him no and he didn’t do it again. I swear my kid isn’t gonna hit, bite or spit at me.He tried to lick me the other day :nauseated_face: I can handle a lot of anything but I’m just like NOPE when it comes to licking. It makes my skin crawl. :dizzy_face:


My son does this because of his sensory processing, I would look into seeing if he has any other possible signs of spd.

Bite em back. It stopped mine.

Say no in a serious voice bite him back (not to hard) tell him it hurts and leave it at that don’t make it a big thing of it may take a couple times but he should see that it hurts and it’s not a game and won’t get him attention so he’ll stop

My 6m old bites me I just put him down :thinking:

My oldest learned this habit from her older cousin when she was a yr n half. Tried the bite back method but that did not wrk. She got me good when she was mad we were leaving the park one day. Really damn good. After chasing her around when I said it was time to go after a good day there, I finally caught her and picked her up … She bit down HARD n latched onto MAH BOOB! I screamed and cried. She saw that. I literally had to pry her off with my finger. I bled. She saw that. She hugged me, cried too, and felt sorry, never did again.
Maybe some tears and letting him know he hurt you good with it will help.

My mom always said bite them back to show them how it feels he won’t like it.

Idk if I would be smacking my baby in the mouth. Sounds like borderline child abuse to me. And the biting back… maybe a nibble. Not a hard bite til they cry.

Bite him back not hard t show him it hurts the fatty part between thumb and pointer finger

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bite back just enough to show him it is not funny an it is bad.

My kids done this and I bit them back and they stopped…same with pulling hair

I bit mine back and surprise they stopped doing it

Bite back. Just hard enough to show it hurts. They don’t know