How to store breast milk?

Hi mommies I have a question
So Im due with my 2nd in a few weeks. I plan on just pumping like I did with my first. I’m excited and wanting to know how to store the breast milk? When I pump do I start putting in the fridge for the first couple of days then in the freezer. Do I freeze the new milk and defrost the older milk? I’m clueless on what to do. With my first I would literally pump put in the fridge feed pump for the next feeding or 2 and so on. Thank you :blush:

As soon as I pump, I bag it and put it in the freezer. I unthaw it when I need to use it (use the older ones first)

Wait until your milk actually comes in, not the before stuff (I can’t remember what it is called. Whatever you freeze is good for 6 months. Fridge is good for 3 or 6 days and room temp is good for 6 hours.
Whatever you freeze, use the old stuff first. Just like when it comes to food. Use a sharpie or put the new stuff behind the old stuff.
First in, first out!!

I freeze it right away and thaw the older milk first. Unless sick. The antibodies in the milk are needed so i give that milk right away