How to teach a 10 month old to drink from a straw?

Tips and tricks to help 10 month old baby learn to drink from straw?

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Weighted straw cup. Model behavior. Give them the cup. They will try to figure it out

A very narrow straw is easier than a normal one. My kids could drink from the tiny juice box straws long before they could use a regular straw.

My mom used to stick her finger over the straw with liquid in it and stick it in my daughters mouth and she would slowly release it and she instantly started sucking and had it figured out after a couple times and fully drinking by herself by 7 months old def worth a try

Honey bear cup you can squeeze it gently to assist initially so they don’t have to suck all the way up the straw with no results and get frustrated and give up. My son learned this way very quickly.

I used my finger to cover one end and dropped it in her mouth. After a few times she started sucking. Both my kids drank from straws at 6 months old. No bottles or sippies.

Honey bear straw cup. Recommended by speech pathologists. My niece was introduced to it as per speech pathologist & doctor- 5.5 months old. She drinks from the straw cup on her own already. Few times helping her, she grasped it quick, is now drinking from the straw with no problem! Just turned 6months old

Would it not be more useful to just give them a regular cup as a lifeskill?