How to teach a child to drink through a straw?

Tips on getting you 2 yr old to drink thru a straw?

Following! My 2 year old son cannot get the hang of it either!

I used to put water in the sippy ( slightly warm, which they hated ) but milk in the cup with the straw. A little bit of motivation goes a long way! Lol and then we look like weirdos as we over exaggerate the sucking motion with your own drink with a straw, lol

They learn on their own and then you regret it lol


Getting my son off the bottle was easy. Getting him to upgrade to a new age appropriate sippy cup is not happening for me right now. He won’t do the hard tops or the straws or the 360° and he definitely isn’t ready for a normal cup. He’s almost 21 months old and he just loves the sippy cup hr has😒 I hate it because he bites the tip and after a couple weeks it leaks bad and I’m buying more.


Drink with straws in front of them and theyll be like “hey i want to do that too” though it can get messy. Their faces are priceless trying to figure it out and finally getting it.
My son isnt even 2 yet and does it, i do believe that its because he has seen me use a straw constantly. Got a reusuable straw that i use now though, because of how often i use them.

Put their favorite drink in cups with straws only. Put water in every other cup. Fancy straws for kids may help

I always tell them to suck the straw like they’re sucking a bottle or breast feeding.

Forget straws your gunna regret that when they are older get this cup

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He uses a 360 cup and sometimes a soft tip sippy but I try to keep him on a 360 but I want him to learn the straw that way he has more of a variety of cups to use and hard to sippys ain’t happening

Get a juice box and squirt it into their mouth then slowly let them try to get it each time. Hand them the box


My cousin used to suck it up and feed him whatnot through the end that came from the cup… We couldnt figure out how to get him to suck through a straw… But then she turned the straw over and the top now had residue of what was in the cup and put it to his lips and he instantly started sucking. So thats a possibility!

So what I did my son will b 15 months old on the 29th… I would show him that I’m breathing in then put the straw in my mouth plus he uses the 360 sippy cups n I let him try a vanilla shake yesterday found out he definitely knows how to use a straw now hahahaha

Ours started at like 8ish months with a straw. We just cut the straw really short so it didn’t take much effort then once they figured that out we just cut it less each time. Took my son like 3 times to get to using a full straw and my daughter figured it out at dinner the same night.

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I started straw cup at like 8 months.
I stuck a straw in juice/milk and put my finger on the top (to suction the juice) and dropped it in his mouth. Worked like magic.

My daughter never did well with bottles or sippy cups due to her feeding tube. One day I let her try a milkshake of mine through an adult straw. I let her taste it off my finger first, then showed her how to use the straw. She did REALLY well and since then, shes now good with sippy cups but prefers the ones with straws on them. Shes a little over a year old. :two_hearts:

It’s a skill. Takes some co ordination and patience

Box of chocolate milk👌

Remember as a kid you used to hold the top of a straw and would hold water at the bottom of it until you put it in your mouth? We did that with our son and he eventually learned how to suck through a straw and transferred over.

Drink out of one in front of them and just suck some drink in the straw and put it in their mouth and just work with them until they get it. It took my son a couple hours but now he’s got it down good and has been drinking out of one for a couple months now( he’s 10 months)

Give him something awesome like a Slurpee.

Start by feeding him drink through the straw little by little. Like if you were using the straw as a dropper. You hold the straw and put “drops” into his mouth. That way he can start practicing. Little by little he will learn that he can suck on the straw.

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Drink through a straw around him. Monkey see monkey do… My son has drank through a straw since 11 months… he is always wanting to copy things people do or say.

Teach to blow bubbles out of it. They should automatically suck afterwards.

Tell him to make a fish face. The liquid will automatically be sucked up the straw.

OMG My oldest had the hardest time, I didn’t think he was ever going to figure it out! LOL I just kept trying and showing him, he did eventually catch on.

Slurping soup off a spoon helps, when they get good at that, put a straw in a cup with soup…trade that over to a drink cup