How to tell labor is near?

Hey mamas i went to see midwife on monday and shes told me babys 3/5 engaged and everyday the pains seem to get stronger i was just woundering how many mamas went from 3/5 to dilating and baby arriving :blush: im 39 weeks on friday


I did !! It moved really fast with my son !! From 8 am he was here at noon on 8/11/00 !!! Good luck !! Much love !! :rose::black_heart::rose::black_heart: And remember everyone is different !!

Everyone is different, but for me it was 3 weeks till dilating with one of mine.

Just pack your bags Mama😇Stay hydrated thatll help with the pain some. If your really ready get to moving around walking. Squats if you can stand it ABSOLUTELY NO HEAVY LIFTING! ITS ALMOST TIME!!

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I do. I was one day from being 39 weeks. My last son I left my house at 3:30am got to the hospital at 4:00am had him at 4:12am I was at a 4 when I went in. Had him without anything for pain. N I was at a hospital that did not deliver babies delivered him myself the doctor was not in the room. N the hospital I was trying going to was 45 mins away.

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I went from 3 cm to 10 in less then an hour…