How to tell someone you are pregnant?

how do i tell my boyfriend im pregnant? we weren’t trying to conceive or anything. imnso nervous


Just text him prego test.

just tell him if u were that worried u should have used protection


I agree do something cute to tell him

Charity Wood I vote for this lol


Leean Moore well done hindsight police :joy::joy::joy:


Leean Moore unfortunately you can take every precaution aside from being abstinent and sometimes it still doesn’t work. Condoms break and birth control isn’t 100%


Hand him the pregnancy test let him read the results

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These posts are annoying… What do you mean how do you tell him? You open your mouth and say “I’m pregnant, let’s go eat dinner.” :joy:


Well tbf u shouldn’t have found out without him you should have said i think i could be pregnant & got a test together, id be annoyed if i was a male & last to no im gonna be a dad :tipping_hand_woman: the whole of Facebook now knows. . . .


Brittany Taylor New yes, with my first pregnancy my boyfriend (now husband) was with me when we found out. He also told my mother before I even proceeded the information.

I told my baby daddy over pizza on lunch one day lol

With my first I gave my husband a onesie that said “instructions not included” lol and a packet of gum that had some snarky family remarks on them lol he loved them both. With our second I gave him a baby’s first year book with the pregnancy test in the bag with it. Always do something cute it’s lots of fun to plan and see the expression on their faces lol

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Not even that as … You’re having sex you didn’t expect it? BC or not it’s still a possibility

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Get him a gift that says daddy on it like a shirt or a cup

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You could play Scrabble and write it out

I used birth control and had a back up method, still have a kid. Best thing that happened but it still was a shocker

Yes! Always let your SO know that you might be and that you plan to test, even if he isn’t there while you test.

I’ve tested without saying anything and my husband was legitimately upset that I didn’t let him in the loop until after I tested. We had been trying for 3 years with 3 miscarriages so I didn’t want to get his hopes up… but he was still upset for all of 3 minutes

My ex told me I was before I even knew lol so that made things easier.

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I was on the cell with mine, he lives two hrs away took the test, told him what it said he made me take 3 and send a pic! He was in shock we got 4 months left til we meet our son :heart_eyes: good luck

Thats dumb why can’t she find out without him? What if she was sick and went to the Dr anx found out like that? What was she supposed to say no re do let me call my bf so he can be here with me…lol


I said to mine I hope you enjoy a mini or mini you running round

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I went to the Dr for a UTI and the pregnancy test was positive. I sent my husband a text and said “sooo I’m pregnant”

We need to talk.
Ok! What about
Well you’re giong to be a daddy, I’m pregnant!

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You… tell him.

Especially because you two were adult enough to have sex. :joy::woman_shrugging:


6 tests 3 Sonos mines still in denial lol

When he says something like “I’m hungry” or something like that be like “hi, (——) I’m mama.”

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I threw pee stick at him and I told him “I hate u” laughed and went to dinner :rofl:


Katie Francis damn hope he gets better. Mine was like that too til he heard the heart beat and seen him from ultrasounds. He felt him the other day too. So its becoming more real.

Should have thought about that happening before you had sex and used protectiom!


My daughter had 5 sticks. I don’t know any of you young people who don’t do a bunch of those home test as if is going to change. Present him with a romantic dinner and a center peice of the stick.


Just tell him. Pleasant surprises happen- I have 2 of them & one on purpose kid lol.

Susan Rush don’t mom shame. Just don’t. They might have used protection none of it is 100% effective.


“Hey guess whos pregnant!” :person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand:


Just show him the test if you feel that nervous.

It’s easy you say hey (insert name) I’m pregnant.

Lol i had a feeling i was so randomlly decided to buy a test. I was scheduled to have my wisdom teeth pulled out and messaged him saying “do yeah i cant have my surgery” and when he asked why i was just like im pregnant and sent a picture of the test. We get to meet our son in 4 months now lol.

You say, “I know we weren’t trying but I am pregnant”… If you didn’t take the necessary precautions to not get pregnant, you could add that in too… “I know we weren’t trying but we didn’t addequetly try to prevent it either & I’m pregnant”

I peed on the test, read it to myself, then promptly went to the living room and said, “I’m pregnant.” And then went to the kitchen to make a bagel. :woman_shrugging: … (that was with my youngest baby.) the first baby I told the father right away…The second baby, I left the test on the bathroom counter and let him figure it out by himself. I’ll never forget the loud, “Oh FUCK!” Coming from the bathroom. :woman_shrugging: just do it.

Everyone’s out here having October babies! Lol

Yeah I don’t understand when people say “it was totally unexpected, and a surprise” or “we weren’t trying to conceive” :unamused:like, don’t they know the sexual act is for PROCREATION, and not simply for our pleasure. No birth control/protection is 100% guaranteed, besides abstinence, of course. Even women with their tubes tied can become pregnant.

Wear a cute shirt that says baby loading or due in 2020 or something like that… super cute way to.break the news

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Susan Rush you’re a freaking genius I tell ya! :roll_eyes:

I just showed him the pregnancy tests and said “Surprise!” He looked at me and went, “you’re shitting me!” :joy::joy::joy: We now have a beautiful, crazy 2-year old daughter.

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I told him I took a home test that was positive but still had to confirm with the doctor.

:pregnant_woman:t2:I’m with Child hunny


Leave the pregnancy test where he see it not say anything till he ask you about it


Just tell him. You could buy a daddy onsie and gift it to him as a surprise

I wonder if you can find a Father’s Day card…

Chelsea N Steve hahaha i told my husband while I was still on the toilet. The 2 lines popped up in seconds. Apparently my HCG levels were poppin. I think my exact words were “ holy fuck Justin there are two lines” :joy:

well do you want to do something cute or are you just afraid to tell him?

I’m always up for the shock factor.

Let the test sit somewhere he’s gunna find it. With a Father’s Day card.

Mine already knows :joy::joy: he got woken up with me kicking the bed and throwing it at him.

Yall this aint a joke stop clownin.
Yall ignorant


Of course youre nervous bc you werent trying and it’s a big deal… I don’t have much context like how long have you been together or if you’ve even discussed wanting children but I’d make a nice dinner date and say you have something important to say and then have the test with you. If he over reacts don’t hold it against him if you guys are young… But I hope he is happy and wants to start this new chapter with you and if he doesn’t he needs to still be there financial for the child and hopefully emotionally. You will be OK no matter what bc you have to be strong for your beautiful baby who is a blessing. Good luck.

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I mean it takes two…no need to be nervous. You should be happy, it’s a blessing!!! Just tell him!

When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter,I had wait until their daddy comes home from work and I give him the test."I got a feeling that I was pregnant but I wasn’t sure.So… I went out to buy a test,take it and found out that I’m having another baby."I said to my ex.He looked at me and asked,"Are you fr that you’re pregnant???":joy::joy:

Tell him that you were trying not to get pregnant but…my oven is baking some bun…which it’s nine months from now.

Patty K Wakefield imagine she’s just casually watching TV then hears her boyfriend start screaming in the background :joy:

Katherine Marie Clarke truth :raised_hands:t2:

just tell him the longer u wait the harder it is to tell. Plus he might get more mad if you keep it from him