How to transfer to toddler bed?

Seeking advice on transferring 18-month-old to a toddler bed.

I am after some advice I have to move my 18-month old into a toddler bed because he just constantly climbs out his cot and ends up hurting himself climbing out in the middle of the night, what’s the best way to make the transition and any tips would be very helpful


I just put a sleep sack on backwards to keep mine in for now.

Make it a big deal, super excited, tell him it’s a big boy bed and he has to be a big boy and stay in bed at night time. Get a baby gate for his bedroom door as well.

Good luck with that…

My daughter was 18 months when i transitioned her, her cot converted to a toddler bed so she was pretty accepting of it and all of her bedding remained the same. She would get out a few times before going to sleep but she handled it amazingly !

Buy pool noodles and put under the sheet on the edge of the mattress so he doesn’t roll out when sleeping.


Put in him in bed. Say goodnight big boy! Clothes door some… repeat

When I did transition for 2 of my kids I had to sit with them for a few til they relaxed a little bit

Trying putting maybe a bean bag or a ton of blankets or something by the bed.
If you do move him to a toddler bed, most come with sides to prevent rolling off in the middle of the night, but he will still be able to crawl out. Just without getting hurt

I just put a toddler bed in there and told my son that was his new big boy bed :joy: it took a few times of him getting up and having to go in there and make him lay back down but he transitioned pretty well.

We stopped at that age too. Just do it. He will be fine. Get him all excited. Bam…big kid bed.

I just transferred my almost 3 year old to a toddler bed 2 weeks ago. I thought it was going to be an issue if her getting up all the time so we did it while we had time off of work so if we had no sleep it wouldn’t be s big deal. My husband changed the crib to the bed and when we went to go to bed we told her it was a big girl bed…she doesn’t get out until we open her door in the morning. I know that won’t last long but we did luck out so far.

Transitioned my son just before he turned to into a single bed.
Matress on the floor if he fell, your the parent. Put the child to bed keep putting the child back to bed get a baby gate so they cant leave remove all toys.

Honestly toddler beds are a waste of time there the same size as a cot.

I would just let him fall asleep and then put him to bed.

Let him pick out his bedding and make him feel like he’s choosing it on his own

My kid absolutely hated his toddler bed even more than his crib so he has a twin size captain’s bed 3 months past his 2nd birth day.

He loves it

When my kids did that I moved the mattress to the floor so they couldnt climb.