How to transition to sippy cup?

I just bought my 8 month old a sippy cup and was wondering the best way to introduce it to her. She is formula fed and has never held a bottle so I’m also concerned she won’t hold the cups. i did buy ones with handles.
any advice would be appreciated


I started my son at 6 months holding cups. You can get stage 1 2 and 3. I started at stage 1 with the handles and he will hold it and drinks some of it. Let him play and explore with it and he will eventually get the hang of things

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She doesn’t hold her own bottle yet ?
You really should get her to do that first …


Start trying to get her to hold bottles by herself. Start offering sippy a few times a day. What kind did you get? I know you didn’t ask for suggestions but if the one you got doesn’t work. Try a sippy called the Nuk Learning Cup. I gave that to my son for the first time and then he never had a bottle again. He even willingly took it to bed!

Just take it slow and let her play with it. In my opinion personally, you could put some juice and water in but I wouldn’t let her think formula comes in a sippy cup if you’re trying to begin transitioning in a way.

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Put her hands on the bottle and hold them there. By 8 months they should be holding it. A sippy is bigger so it’s probably not going to work until she is used to holding her bottle.

Dr. Brown has the bottles with handles that are like half bottle half sippy

I kept water in the sippy cup and would out juice in it. Kept formula and milk in the bottle.

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Babies and toddlers learn through play. You drink she drink. They always follow your actions. That’s how they learn


Nuby No-Spill 360 Weighted Straw GripN’Sip Cup, Color May Vary
I use this for my son and he loves it

She is spoiled with you holding the bottle lol my 1st was like that. Just put water in the cup and give it to her… Make it easy for her to get on her own all day… She’ll get it!


should be holding bottle by now at 8 months… just put it in front of her,

Let her hold her own bottles first.

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My youngest baby girl never held her bottle on her own but we just switched her over to a sippy cup with handles and a soft nipple and she loves it holds it on her own all the time. Won’t drink from anything else

I set it infront of my son and he figured it out

I tried with my daughter a few times she didnt care for it then I showed her it again and she wanted to drink from it. She showed me she was ready for it

I started givingg my son the sippy cup with handles around 7 to 8 months old and I just let him hold it and try to drink from it if he wanted to while he played. Around 1 he was completely off his bottle.

Just put small amounts in it and I started mine in a highchair with a meal

Don’t pick it up for her. She will have to learn how to pick it up.

Just let her get used to it. Show her how to use it and let her play with it a little bit

By 7 months my daughter was drinking her formula out of a cup and straw and completely off the bottle. She should definitely be holding own bottle by now. Build up that muscle memory

Put water in the cup… Get handles because the skill can be learned just give the water little and often feed baby as you would with a bottle

My 5 month old holds this one on his own. He got the hang of it like 2 or 3 time.

Fill with water and let her play with it

She should be at least trying to hold her own bottles by now. I gave mine a sippy with either water or half water, half juice and put it their hands. They kinda figured it out. But I gave them sippy cups at 6 months.

Put a tiny bit of water in it and let her figure it out. Place it infront of her and help her learn how to hold it. After a few days im sure she will be a pro

Put her formula in it and show her how to hold it. If she refuses keep giving it to her. She’ll eventually drink it.

She knows what she is doing, watch n learn mom

Give it to her by the handles.