How to travel with kids?

Ladies, we are about to embark on our first 400 mile road trip as a family of 6. Mom and Dad and kids ages 3, 2, 10m, 10m. Any tips and tricks or advice? I’m very much stressing about this trip. It’s only about a 6 hour drive and we’ll take turns, but being away from our house for 5 days seems like the most terrifying thought. Especially since kids get stressed and they get messy, and I HATE living out of a suitcase! Help!


Make sure to take their favorite blanket and toy so they feel like they have some comforts of home, for us keeping our kids feeding and sleeping routine as close to out home schedule as possible helped alot good luck

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Try to leave around nap time so they sleep through some of the drive. Get lunch/dinner on the way and eat in the car (to kill time). Pack lots of movies and toys. Stop and let them run around a little if they start to get really fussy. Good luck!

Can you leave at bedtime? That’s always a great option for long rides. Nap times work too. We’ve never done 6 hours but 4. And we did lots of snacks and movies. A playlist of their favorite songs. Try to stay on routine when your gone. It helps as well.

I take my daughter to visit her grandparents every few months. It’s a 8 hour drive. We usually leave at 4 am. That way she sleeps till about 9 and the drive is already half over for her. We than stop for breakfast and let her stretch her legs. From than we sing a lot of songs, trade toys, and snacks. And try to keep busy the rest of the way

Always and i mean ALWAYS… take toddlers on the long road trips at THEIR bedtime. If possible skip the naps the day of the trip. Getting packed and actually AWAY sucks ass becuase they are cranky and exhausted but they will be asleep within a mile of leaving thenhouse and will probably go all night. Switch off driving so that the adult who is LEAST important upon arrival is thenone driving when you arrive so they can sleep for a few hours and the other can be waking up with the kids. Deive like you are running from the cops. One gas thebcar while thenother buys snacks. I did orlando to Washington DC with my 7 year old alone once leaving at 7pm. He slept the whole way and woke when i parked the car at a mcdonalds in the beltway. Bring their favorite stuff. Dont worry about the house. Itll be fine.

Go to the dollar store and get them some activities and little toys the can play with. Also pack a ton of snacks and drinks including one of their favorite sweets and a savory.

Night time is best. We drove to new york(near canada) with my 15 yr old and 3 mth plus their 10 yr old cousin. 11 hrs straight.


Bring plenty of small snacks, and drinks,bottles of water. Get the you tube kids on your phone. Many different kids toons and nursery rhymes to entertain the kids