How to travel with kids?

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Moving from California to Indiana next week and we are driving… How do i survive that trip with an 18month old lol I need help


Lots of stops to stretch and run.

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When you stop take them out and let them walk/play. Toys and snacks in the back seat, we would also take turns sitting in the back to entertain the babe.

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And don’t be opposed to giving them a tablet!


We just did a drive with a 4 year old and 10 month old from California to Texas. My kids are exceptionally good in the car so either they slept or were entertained. Snacks, toys that entertains regularly, plan for stops for getting out of the car seat for a break

Portable DVD player, lots of toys, snacks and get out and stretch… of possible drive at night so they sleep most of it

Why on Earth would you wanna come to Indiana 🤦


Leave a couple hours before bedtime, drive thru the night so they sleep most of it

Snacks, get her a mini fan, toys, maybe some books

Dont do it lol. My bf is from cali and moved to Indiana. He hates it

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A Tablet…Coloring pages…books…soothing items blanky binky stuffed animal flashcards with animals or cute characters…music

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A lot of wet wipes and diapers.

We made a fun road trip out of it when we moved from cali to Illinois. We had a 5 year old and one around 18 months. It took about 4 days. Theres a bunch of cool places on or close to on the way.

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Lots of stops for sure, movies?

Same but what part of Indiana

Drive at night – keep them busy all day and then leave at 6pm

Why would you want to come to Indiana?!?!

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I can’t believe you’re moving :weary:

When you said June I thought you meant next June.

I would drive at night as much as possible during normal sleep time and if you must drive while they are awake take breaks out of the car every few hours so they can stretch those legs and play. Your trip will be way longer but it will be like an adventure :grin:

How you gonna survive living in Indiana? I live in south bend and its so so boring here haha

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Plan on driving while the baby sleeps & take lots of breaks when baby is awake.

I’d definitely be more worried about being in Indiana :joy: we all want out!

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The move is what you make it. You can seek positivity or negativity. I mean I live in SW Oklahoma close to a city with a crime rate the same as OKC. It’s easy to be negative but we love it here.
So look for happiness and opportunity!
As for traveling- Try starting at night while they’re sleeping. Bring lots of things to do. We pack books, fun little movies on our iPad, our toys are our life saver.
I always sit in back on long travels and we talk and share.

And I thought 18 hours from VA to Mo was far :flushed::flushed:

Benedryl (kidding) would hate to be in your shoes