How to treat baby eczema?

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Best treatment for eczema that actually works!? I’ve tried multiple things for my 7 month old and nothing is helping!


My daughter has it horrible, I took her to the dr and they gave her a steroid cream and it worked wonders!

Glaxal base lotion helped my daughter! I slathered it on her a couple times a day

Sounds silly but use thrush cream it works wonders for eczema

They sell this at target and it works on my daughter

I had to get a prescription from my son’s doctor cause nothing worked for him

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The only thing that has worked for my son is hydrocortisone ointment prescribed by his dr

Used this for my granddaughter. It worked great.

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Aquaphor inly thing that worked for my babies.

My son had it really bad childs farm worked wonders !! Muxh better than the creams the docs had given us

I’ve been using aveeno baby eczema and the eczema bath for babies from aveeno. My son is 7 months as well. Works great. Also my son’s doctor said for the scalp if it’s in there once a weeks use heads and shoulders. Careful not to get it in the eyes and let sit 2 to 3 minutes.

My 3 month old gets really bad eczema flare ups. When he doesn’t I put oatmeal in panty hose and throw it in his bath with breastmilk. It does wonders

Mustela products. Google it.

Put the cream on when they get out of bath and there skin is still damp don’t dry them all the way. It really works

My daughter just seen her doctor for the same thing this past week and our doctor prescribed eucerin and hydrocortisone cream (mixed). It was completely gone by the 3rd application :slight_smile:

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We use aveeno baby during the day, and we have a prescription for eucrisa that works sooo well! Also aveeno sells an oatmeal bath that seems to help

The only thing that worked for me was the prescription cream from my doctor

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Hydrocortisone on all spots n the only thing that works for my son is Aveeno night balm. It’s the only thing that doesn’t burn his skin. He was living somewhere else (now w me full time) w in 4 days his skin was clear. He literally had open sores over his entire body the nurse at his doctor office told me to bring my son to the cops it was sooooo bad he was clearly being neglected. If there is open skin use a&d first til it heals then start treating the spots w hydrocortisone n put night balm over it 3 times a day

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Royal Honey Bee cream! Yes, it is pricey but it works and you only need a small amount! My jar I have has lasted me over 2 yrs!

Robathol bath oil and vanicream lotion. Recommended by a dermatologist. My son got it at 4 months. This picture was 3 weeks apart.

Aveeno eczema nighttime balm!

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As someone who has had eczema their entire life and had to go through everything to figure out what works best. Use a dove foaming body wash when bathing, it has more moisturizers in it. Then use aveeno eczema lotion after showers. Rub into the eczema spots really well don’t just let it sit on top of the skin. Another thing that works for me is a non scented hemp lotion.

What have you already tried? Eczema is a big imbalance if the ph in skin, so what ever your trying be mindful of what seems to be going on… If oily maybe lighter clothes if dryness thick eucerin cream…

my babys doctor said sealing in moisture was really important. I made a mixture of coconut oil olive oil cocoa butter and beeswax to add on top of the eucerin cream and it helped alot

My son has severe eczema on his face, legs and arms. And nothing over the counter worked. I ended up having to get a low dose prescription cream from the doctors.

Goat milk soap. Only thing that has helped my son. We use Bend Soap Co. It’s all natural so no harsh chemicals on their sensitive skin. :grinning:

Only thing that has worked for my daughter! She has had eczema since birth and we have used this product for almost 6 months with no flare ups! She is now 18 months, I just wish I found this sooner!

We has to get a prescribed steroid cream for our little one and even then we had to use minimal soaps in her baths. ( only when she needed it) we also were instructed to put Vaseline or petroleum jelly all over her body before we put her pajamas on at night to seal in the moisture. Those three things together worked really well and cleared most of it up in a matter of days. (She had a chronic case of eczema so you may not need all of this to clear it up)

Coconut oil I have severe eczema on my feet tried several steroid creams and nothing worked my feet are almost clear and I’ve only been using it for a week

Child’s farm moisturiser

Could food allergies cause this? Did you check? My friend’s daughter breaks out every time she eats gluten and some type of nut. When she took it out of the diet - no more eczema.

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Gold bond excema lotion is one of the only things that works for me and my kids.

I am not a doctor, but can recommend to check your kid for autoimmune deficiency, more information about causes of the problem will give you answers how to treat it. Best wishes

I made my daughter a massage oil to use while we wait to get into the dermatologist. Shes 6mos and it has really help soothe and dry it up. I used sweet almond oil, lavender, teatree and rosemary oils. It will start drying up in the first 24hrs.

Lavender and Heliachrysum EOs would be safe at this age and would help clear it up. Rosemary EO and Peppermint are NOT safe for children under the age of 5.

My pediatrician recommends this. Works for my kids.

Calmoseptine cream! My daughter had some on her arm and within 1 use it was cleared up. Our pediatrician gave it to us for diaper rashes also and it works wonderfully!

Also, eat organic, limit dairy and gluten and see how she does

Also, organic coconut oil+ lavender+ tea tree essential oil+ shea butter from the health food store

The little bottle of oil you have to get from a doctor…it’s a miracle worker! The vanicream I usually try to get the regular cream but they were out at my pharmacy. It is not a huge name brand…most Walmart…pharmacy…Walgreens have it. My son was so bad for the first 2 years of his life we only bathed one time a week. He was up all night itching. He finally sleeps. And I just put one dose on nightly. Nothing else worked for me. Not Aveeno…not special bathes. We bought every exzema lotion out on the shelf. Doctor couldn’t figure it out till we took him to see a dermatologist. And that is what he recommended…and it works!