How to treat chiggers?

Has anyone’s child gotten the chiggers? How did you treat them? I’ve read hot baths, but I know my daughter will complain. Is there another way?


Clear nail polish will smother them out


We used to put clear nail polish on them when we were kids, but I’m not sure that’s an actual treatment or an old wives tale, lol.


I’ve always heard clear nail polish cause it suffocates them

Nail polish! :slight_smile: colored works it doesnt have to be clear

Clear finger nail polish always works

Nail polish doesnt work. Chiggers inject a enzyme that breaks down skin causing itching irritation, they dont embed themselves under the skin. It will go away on it’s own as long as no infection develops from persistent scratching.


Me! I had chiggers!! VASELINE will work.

Then wrap Saran Wrap all around the area. Like a mummy.

I was in the army when I had chiggers. So did most of my squad lmao! Anyhow the docs in the field made us do this. Worked like a charm.
Nail polish will also work, but it burns some and there’s too many chemicals.

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Alchohol or witchhazel. This worked on us when I was little. They also sell medicines for it. Ammonia might also work.

Smother them with clear nail polish! These assholes are all over the south so we deal with them almost ever summer

when we were kids we’d use clear fingernail polish on the bites.

Clear fingernail polish

Clear nail polish. Dealt with this last year

When I was small mom would put clear nail polish on them,it work I also used it on my kids

ChiggerX it’s at the pharmacy