How to treat constipation in kids?

My five year old boy struggles to go poop. Does anyone have products or tips for this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to treat constipation in kids?

cup of prune juice a day keeps the ouchy poops away… my lil one also had that issue. limit dairy also. hope this helps

A good prebiotic and probiotic to help heal the gut.
Increase fiber - lots of veggies and fruit. Oatmeal will help as well.
Increase water intake.
Put processed foods on a limit daily to help the gut work.
Those are my go tos

Culturelle kids has been a huge help for our kiddos.

Karo, prune juice, apple juice, make sure they eat a lot of fruits.

A cup of Apple juice a day

My pediatrician recommended miralax when my kids were constipated at 3 years old but only one dose every day until a normal bowel movement then it can be stopped once they’ve had what seems like they’re normal. She also gave me a child sized dosing chart.


Talk to your pediatrician

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Kids probiotics really helped my boys

My son has to take miralax sometimes
His specialist put him on fiber supplements and probiotics also, and they do help.
I also have him eat activia yogurt. He’s not the biggest fan of those, so we now use the danactive drinkable yogurts
He’s 7 now but most of this was started around 5

We tried a lot of things. Ultimately Calm gummies (magnesium) and clear fiber added to his drinks helped most. My child has a poor diet due to his disabilities and I couldn’t easily change that up.

Prune juice, or they have children’s laxatives. Worked for my kid.

Water. Lots of water

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Rub the bottom of their foot then rub the toes in a upward motion do both feet and toes if this don’t work try yogurt, fruit, veggie raw like carrots prune juice it made for small kids and the taste isn’t bad at all. Prayers Going Up For you.

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Miralax helped me as a kid. I wasn’t talking in enough fiber.

Miralax worked well for my granddaughter. She had a terrible time going for a very long time.

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My daughter has struggled with constipation since she was 1, she’s 7 now. We get a fiber gummy from target, and it’s been working really well.


Fiber gummy’s worked for my kids.

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Less sugar and carbs more veggies and water

Prunes. Prune juice. Apple juice.

Prune juice always does the trick

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Lots of fruit and fruit juice

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Metamucil works in 12-72 hours depending on dose.

My pediatrician prescribed Lactulose for my baby girl 18 mnths old. I dont give it reguarly. Prob once a week

If it’s an ongoing issue - he may need medical intervention. Otherwise you risk a stretched bowel - which in turn leads to other issues - soiling etc

I wouldn’t continue with laxatives for a long time. Laxatives also constipate children, well, people in general, if taken too much. Miralax on the other hand is different. If you need to go that route, try miralax, and give every OTHER day. For the first 4 days give every day, then every other day or every 2 days after the first week if that makes sense. Fiber, prune juice, apple juice, there are fiber gummies, etc at Walgreens or wherever you go. If he doesn’t go regularly after a weeks time, I’d contact your doctor.

first- see a GI specialist. Constipation can have so many different causes: illness, medication, IBS-c, holding. You first need to get to the root of the problem and then treat it.

Water. Prune juice. Fruit. Fiber.

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Most kids like those prune snacks. Applesauce helps some kids go. But I would definitely try the prune snacks. Most kids won’t drink prune juice, but you can try it. Maybe with ice. Check with your doctor. There may be some mild laxatives on the market for young ones that your doctor can recommend.

Apple a day with extra fluids

I usually give my boy fruit and apple juice

When our granddaughter had problems with that we used Little Tummies and it worked for her every time. There’s also Fletcher’s which we used as well if we couldn’t get the Little Tummies. I recommend both, Little Tummies also has other products that are helpful for babies, their products are highly recommended.

Old cure was sugar added to formula or brown sugar dissolved in water…advised by both Dr and midwife…please don’t lol.
Lots of water , brown bread and veg/fruit , wee sips of coffee works well but probably frowned upon now
If necessary lactulose is advised as its gentle and doesn’t cause cramp but natural is best if you can manage it that way…the bowel becomes dependant on meds and can cause more problems

My son is 4 and his pediatrician stated to give him miralax twice a day every day


Prune juice or dark Karo syrup

My daughter does and the doctor had to put her on stool softer

Doctors recommend Miralax. Gentle and works.

I would check with a doctor if you haven’t already but purine juice works wonders. After my daughter had surgery it was the only thing that worked. She would drink 1/4 prime juice with 3/4 water or apple juice.

Mother’s bliss constipation ease

My ped told us to give our child with bowl issues resoralax every morning, and lots of water.

Pare juice is also good!!

Needs more water intake. Miralax is what I used for my first daughter when she’d get constipated every so often

Kari syrup in warm milk

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My daughter takes miralax the dr prescribed it when she was 4 she takes 1 capful a day

Magnesium rich foods and fiber.

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My doctor has me give my 4.5 year old 1/4 of the top with some juice every morning! Has worked like a charm! Difference is insane!

What are the long term side effects of Miralax for children?
However, one commonly prescribed laxative medication, MiraLAX, has been the focus of significant parental apprehension due to concerns that its active ingredient, polyethylene glycol 3350 (PEG 3350), may be linked to tremors, tics, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and aggression in children following its use.


My daughter had this issue…her Dr. had her take a teaspoon of Miralax and mix it with apple juice…he said wait 15 mins and she’ll be good…she did this every other day for 2 weeks…no issues since…she is now 20

Prunes helps my son.

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Prunes or prune juice.


My daughter had to see a gstro dr and they recommend a piece of chocolate laxative once a day and a half cap of miralax as needed and now she goes daily

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Apparently brown sugar is a natural stool softener? I read about it the other day. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

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Apple juice, prune juice, miralax

Ground flax. You can add it to cereal or applesauce. Sobeys carries it as well as Bulk Barn.

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Orange juice, oat biscuits like hob nobs, lots of water, oatmeal or porridge, bread with bits in, or wholegrain bread, dried fruit and nuts as a snack, lots of berries. Make sure he’s not scared to poop too.

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Yes prunes or prune juice

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Prunes will work for my granddaughter

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Bananas, black tea and completely dry toast aswell as a warm bath or a hot water bottle on the tummy…always helps

Prunes, Pears or bananas can help soften stool and make it easier to pass.
I own and operate a daycare and prunes (even pre-packaged pouches) seem to always do the trick with my little ones, They are fed them in the morning with snack and by afternoon playtime it’s diaper blow out lol

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Good luck. My son is 10 and has been constipated his whole life. We finallyy found out what works for him. After many many doctors appointments and children’s mercy. He is on 1/2 cup of miralax and a laxative one time a day every day. We tried the prune juice, fiber bars, bananas, warm baths, apples, stool softeners, nothing worked. With the miralax it is trial and error. They had to change the dosage a couple of times. There was one time I was keeping track and didn’t notice until 2 weeks later that he hadn’t went for that long. I think ER thought I was lying when I said he hadn’t went for 2 weeks until they seen the x-ray. They did a expository. That’s after us giving him an enama the first week. He didn’t go with that. He was so full of shit at the top of his bowels like right before it comes out. That’s why he couldn’t go. I am so glad I went to a gastrologist at children’s mercy and he finally can go now. Before he was on the meds when he finally did :poop: it would clog the toilet and he would cry because it hurt so bad :disappointed:. Good luck to you and your baby boy. Just keep pushing the doctors asking for x rays.

My daughter is 6 and has massive issues going to the bathroom. Her pediatrician has me giving her 2 caps of mirlax to do a clean out, and then after that, she gets 1/2 a cap a day.

More water and fruits an veggies any beans also are a great source of fiber.

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Ask your doctor about seeing a chiropractor!

The hospital gives a laxative for kiddies x

apple juice with a little bit of mineral oil mixed in

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Senna syrup - my daughters pediatrician recommended


My daughter had this issue for a long time and turns out she was just lactose intolerant…I didn’t realize because I always heard of it causing the opposite issue.

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Miralax (always consult pediatrician 1st) bowel training, movement and hydration.

Probiotics and miralax, warm apple juice

Doctor told me any fruit that starts with P. So prunes, pineapple, peaches, pears. I get the cups of fruit and the juice is good as well. If your little one won’t eat the fruit cups then just give him a spoon of the juice from the cup. Itll help him go so good like in 30 minutes to an hour.

Prunes and/or prune juice

Juice my kids love the apple grape and it definitely keeps them regular

Only serve whole wheat bread and brown rice-no white flour or rice. Limit cheese.

Lots of water, cut all sugary drinks. Google foods with fiber, especially fruit and veggies.