How to treat constipation in toddlers?

Does anyone have a toddler that suffers from chronic constipation? Ever since my son was an infant, he suffered constipation. He’s two now. It’s so bad he had twisted intestines and compacted feces to the point his body couldn’t take any more food. We did mirilax for a month, as the doctor said, and it worked. He got unplugged. But instantly taking him off, it started all over again. So we gave it to him again to try and help, But this time Mirilax won’t work anymore. And no amount of fiber that he eats helps him. We give him prune juice. I incorporate fiber into his food usually by putting bran in the vita-mix and mixing it into whatever I make for him. He loves his fruits and veggies. But no matter what we give him or what he eats, he is always suffering constipation that just gets worse. We don’t eat bread and pasta is veggie noodles. I don’t give him milk either accept occasional yogurt and 2oz of children’s protein with fiber shake with 6 ounces of water. The doctor said to get an appointment for an allergist to test him for allergies next, which I have done, but that’s a few months out. What’s interesting is that only while I was pregnant with him I suffered severe constipation as well. Does anyone struggle with this problem with their toddler?


Miralax and fiber gummies have worked the best for my son. As well as switching from regular milk to lactose free milk.

My sister suffered from constipation when she was pretty young. I recently found out that she had some nerve deficiencies in her bowels and didn’t feel that she ever need to pass stool. She needed constant reminders to use the bathroom and have a “BM” and drank pear juice regularly. I’d suggest seeing a specialist to find the root cause.

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Go to a pediatric Chiropractor

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Pear juice is the only thing that helps my little guy

Warm prune juice or give them apples

With enough Miralax and water, it’s impossible to not work, unless he has maybe a blockage or something else wrong? Poor baby.

My son had issues and using a daily probiotic helped immensely


Apple juice made my kids go.

I would have him get tested for autoimmune disorders.


Both my kids do we give restorelax… clearlax Walmart brand a white powder in drink once twice a week when we notice there getting constipated

Try him on the low fodmap diet. Sounds like he suffers from ibs

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I would take him back to the doctors. He might be impacted again. See if they have any suggestions for safe longer-term solutions to his constipation troubles.

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I had this issue with my toddler. I diluted his milk 1 to 3. He barely drinks any milk and gets in alot of water that way. His excema also just about cleared up.

I gave my baby pureed prunes regularly.

I used to use a little Karo syrup in their milk. Worked for my kids

Heavy pre and probiotics. Florastor is a great one to add. Use to be by prescription only. Available on amazon or Costco or other outlets.

Ask to be referred to a pediatrician gastroenterologist.


Miralax or benefiber and lots of water

Take him back!! Have the pediatrician refer you to a gastroenterologist. If he’s impacted again you’ll have to do a few cap fulls of miralax to clear it out!!

Yes! My granddaughter did and we started bathing her in Epsom salts. Now she poos regularly. Also, senna leaf tea can help.

Georges Aloe vera juice, works wonders , taste like water , no taste .we tried everything. Until we found this

My nephew was this way
Does his diet consist of lots of fiber, 100% apple juice, lots & lots of water !!! Diet is important to get him regular bowel movements

Small apple juice or prune juice but double up on water so it dont keep happening

Pedialax chewable for kids helps. Use as directed for immediate dose then make sure he takes 1 a day after all impacted poop has been ejected. Out of my 2 boys I was so glad when I found this and then his gastrologist told me to use this as above. He eventually did not need it anymore after a while. It is a natural way of healing it in a sense

With the mirilax my pediatrician had my kid wean off. Started probiotics and it seemed to help.
Make sure your kid is drinking water with the mirilax. And I would get a referral. For it to be that bad I would find a specialist

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My grand daughter was like this it was milk. They only give it to her once a day now .

Treetop apple grape juice - seriously it works better than prunes.

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Fiber and belly massage.

Brown sugar and warm water. Drink it once maybe twice a day. Brown sugar and warm water. Its a laxative. Ive used this many of times for my 5 kids

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This was my daughter. She would scream when she had to :poop:. Doterra essential oils on the tummy. I mixed wild orange, zengest and a carrier oil in 10ml roller. Instant :poop:everytime until she went without it eventually

A little prune juice! Be careful with it. Miralax works easy but may take a few days. Easy on them. Hopefully your child doesn’t have an impacted bowl you will need to see the doctor

Lactulose is what he needs to be taking prescribed by his gastrologist

My girls have battled this since infancy. I give a daily cup of probiotic smoothie. Works well to keep them regular.

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A nice cup of warm water helps you go

My son suffers from it too! He’s 3. We give him these. It has seemed to help quite a bit!

Have you tried to give him condensed milk abt 2 tsp should help my great niece has constipation to the point she’ll cry just thinking about using the potty she’s 3 soon to be 4 and my sister has been using the condensed milk abt once every 2 weeks it’s the only thing that works for her

I had the same issue where the dr kept telling me to give her an enamma. That would unblock a little and then she would be full again and in constant pain. I ended up taking her to the hospital and refusing to leave until it was sorted. This ended up being a 7 day hospital stay with movicol being put through a feeding tube Daily. They said they would have to start on half a pouch twice the first day and then increase slowly. She had half in the morning went for xray and that night having 10 pouches fed through the blockage was so severe. We then had to give her parachoc daily for twelve months afterwards to helps the bowel and intestines go back to normal.

I am going through kind of same situation with my son right now! He had chronic constipation and was referred to a gastroenterologist by his dr. They prescribed him miralax, and here we are a month and a half later still using it but it has helped out so much. When we went they said he has balls of :poop: in him. Took 3 cap fulls to clear it out

At this point, it might be a good idea to ask for a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist. Poor baby. I feel for him.

Probably need to see a GI dr. Could be something deeper…

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You need to see a pediatric gastro, this could be the start of serious digestive issues, coming from someone with crohns

Lavender oil baths and rub on tummy

Avocado gives my kids the wicked :poop::poop::poop:
Maybe try that

Water and vegetables!

Parasites can cause this, start his day with a glass of warm salt water. Give him juiced veggies. Make sure he drinks lots of water throughout the day. Look into his magnesium levels also.

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It’s not very tasty but a teaspoon of olive oil!! My babies formula would cause constipation…the doc tried laxatives but I didn’t want it to tear up her intestines so I tried an old Hispanic remedy and it worked!!

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Culturelle Kids Daily Probiotic+Fiber

Prune activia was a life saver for my son. His gastro doc had him taking stool softener daily which did very little to help but a few spoonfuls of that yougurt cleaned him out everytime

Movicol and lactolose. He must need a continuous softener. My older son suffered very badly. You can do a proper clear out with movicol, the doctor will write what to do for impartation and then you just work on a amount that works for your child once there empty x

Try warming up the prune juice,it really works

Try Dr. First may be more serious then just constipation

Ouch. Look into Celiac Disease.

Feed more fruit n vegetables

Brown sugar stirred into hot water till dissolved and add fresh orange, drink while still warm x

Mineral oil and another dr

U can give liquid senna. U can order off Amazon

Plenty of fruits will help


A small steady dose of miralax and follow Drs orders as far as amount of fiber. A steady flow of water and exercise. Also try to minimize milk products

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Pediatric Gastroenterologist referral

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My daughter has a dairy allergy & a gluten sensitivity & gets constipated often. Miralax didn’t help her much either. Her gastroenterologist had me give her Magnesium to empty her out & continue with a prescription called Lactulose 2 times a day to soften the stools

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Chia seeds. MTC oil.

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My suggestion would be to only take advice from a specialist. This is a serious matter and home remedies from a social media forum really isn’t reliable for a two year old…


Table spoon dark karo syrup in whatever drink


Omg…my fiance goes through the same thing…only thing that actually works for him is a ton of laxatives which I know you can’t do with a child…I wish the best for you

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How much water is he drinking?

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Try light Karo syrup…

Have u tried rectal stimulation with your finger? My doctor told me this when my daughter had problems going …for me i feel its the most natural way to make them go

Pear juice and movicol

Soft pears and orange juice

Join the children with constipation fb page hun, ive got my boy down to having kiwicrush every 2nd day to keep things moving, and lots of exercise and water

See if he like prunes since he like fruits but only like one a day too many will give the runs

Milk of magnesium has worked wonders for my child with chronic constipation

To much fiber can actually back you up as well. Also I would either go back to the doctor or find a new one. No one on here can fix him. Definitely don’t get our advice :pensive: hope you find answers quick


How much actual water does he drink in a day? Miralax only helps with adequate fluid intake.

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Check out this Facebook group: Parents Against Miralax Restoralax Movicol (PEG 3350)

A couple of drinks of strong coffee. Add some sugar and creamer to make it taste better. I’ve used it several times on my son when nothing else would work and it has always worked within 30 minutes.

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Pineapple juice it helps break down food

Miralax is linked to neurological and psychiatric symptoms. My daughter had very bad constipation. She was prescribed laxatives which only made it worse bc she was so full of gas that she couldn’t push bc of the pain. Took all lactose out of her diet and regular OTC gas drops with a higher dosage per ER doctor. I damn near cried when she $hit everywhere on her own lol.

Apple juice work for my son


My daughter had this problem, and we did everything the doctor said as well, and we would always end up in the hospital having to have her admitted with that stuff for colostomy we would up staying at least two days, come to found put she lactose intolerant, and eventually grow out of it, it always had something to do with nerve endings, raspberry tea would help and lots of water, and baths ,listen to your doctor and it hard I know, after the age six she was fine…hang in there…

my daughter always suffered from this and still does. miralax does not work well for her, it did for awhile them stopped. she is 7 now and i give her the fiber 1 brownies, she is still suffering with constipation but we are slowly working on it!

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Slippery elm and cascara pics or drops help

Have them check his ferritin, iron saturation and TIBC levels. Our daughter had horrible constipation since birth (even with being breastfed), to the point of bleeding and hemorrhoids at 2. Miralax stopped working for her, too. Docs kept pushing us off. Then her hair started falling out in clumps and her finger nail and toe nails were falling off. She has severe primary iron deficiency and a platelet disorder. Contrary to what you usually expect with taking iron supplements, her constipation went away almost immediately when she started ferritin supplements.

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Blueberries helped my son along with apple prune juice. And a lot of water. We did the baby food prunes and blueberries and that also helped. We stayed away from things like cheese and dairy for a little bit till he was able to go again. There’s also a foot/tummy massage that helps you poop. Look it up on Pinterest or google how to do the massage but I swear by it, that it helps. I still use the massage to this day.

My son kept getting constipated we put him on a daily multivitamin and daily fiber vitamins worked wonders

My son is just about a year old but what has worked for him since birth is Karo syrup… Up to now I just mix like a half tea spoon in his bottle (or whatever drink he has) it’s a natural stool softener and what his doctor reccoemnded… But any time I give it to him he poops within usually an hour, two at the most… If he’s worse I may have to give it to him for a couple of days every other bottle to fully clear him out… But it works for us

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Tried oranges?? Anything orange related helps me.

Daily prebiotic
Try the kids culturelle

Massage his belly, works almost instantly… massage from right to left…

Try apple juice from concentrate with every feeding ot kyro syrup with water just a few oz. Of kyro syrup mixed with water. Thats what my grandma used on me i had bad stomach problems when i was an infant she said she used kyro syrup and water and it helped.

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it’s $2 at pharmacies and walmart… shoot around here u can get it at some gas stations

I tried letting my son sit for 15 mins or so and while he’s waiting, I massage the “dimple” like prt at his lower back. Putting a little pressure there. It helps him and it works for adult too. He might be afraid to let it out as he experienced a painful one. So the tendency is he stops doing movement which makes the constipation worse.

My now 6yr old has been on miralx since he was born and probably will be for the rest of his life he has had constipation issues since birth and pediatrician and specialists at children’s hospital agree it is harmless and will not do anything to hurt him and told me to just give it to him every single day because not taking it will cause problems and the constipation can be seriously harmful and cause bigger problems down the road . They have no explanation for why he is like this but he has been since birth . And he is perfectly fine otherwise

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Is it possible he’s holding it? I had a kid who held it so long his colon lost sensation of " having to go" we had to do the miralax for 2 weeks plus pediatric suppositories to cleN him out. Then probitotic every day and lots of fiber plus rewards for going to the bathroom.

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Only thing I will use with my daughter. Recommended by other parents and the doctors when I worked in pediatrics.

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Probiotic gummies works wonders for my toddler

My friends son had the same problem. She would give him cranberry/prune juice and then about 20 mins later lay him down and move his legs like he was riding a bike, but slowly and work his legs up towards his chest… He would poop everytime.

First, insist on a GI referral. My son is prone to constipation due to low muscle tone. Many kids like him take Miralax daily. You need to do liquid glycerin suppositories to break up the hardened stool at the end of the line. There is a Miralax clean out regime that you do with the suppositories until they are clear. Google it. My son’s GI recommended Pedialax chewable laxatives (magnesium) daily after he turned two. I find them more predictable than Miralax.

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