How to treat constipation?

What’s the best way to relieve constipation after giving birth via C-section? My stomach was somewhat flat after I had the baby, but now I look 5-6 months pregnant again. I have been taking stool softeners and drinking a lot of fluids. FYI- I’m breastfeeding. It’s been about a week now since I’ve been able to go! :tired_face::tired_face:


Try a cup of coffee a day. I was taking miralax for months and it never worked, started drinking a cup of coffee a day, boom. Never been more regular :smirk:


That first poop is torture… no joke. I almost called my dr.


Milk of magnesia!!! Only thing that worked for me. Everything came out within 12 hours. Trust me this is the best thing. Everything else takes days to start working.

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You could try prunes or prune juice. Fiber made me feel worse and laxatives arent the best choice.

You have at least had a BM since having the baby, right? If not… Go to the doctor. It could be something wrong with how they put you back together…

Otherwise, lost of fluids and stool softeners.

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Go to the ER now! My mother in law recently died because she didn’t go for a week

Yup coffee would push it right out

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The bloating could be gas… or even retained water… ive had 5 csections and it was always one of those 2 culprits causing the bloating as far as meds to take i have no idea whats safe for breastfeeding moms bc i never breastfed… hope you get relief soon

This sounds weird but go to Walmart down the chocolate chip isle and get the sugar free ones those work amazingly!!!


my doctor swore by miralax. So I started drinking coffee more, and yup that was it. So I haven’t taken miralax for years now because coffee has been so effective. Never fails me haha :laughing:

Miralax and lots of water. Safe for you and thr baby

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I was constipated for a like 4 days and drank Milk of Magnesium and worked within mintues.

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Stick a suppository up your ass. It will definitely work. Lol.

A lot of apple juice. Like drink a whole jug in a day.

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Use magnesium citrate. They sell all Anywhere. It’s the ONLY THING that worked for me. You drink it but you’ll def go within hours.

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Go to KFC. Order a 2 piece meal with mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and a biscuit. Eat it all. You’ll be regular again in less than 24 hours. Worked on every constipated child I’ve had.


Molly Munson she said she has been

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Taco John’s order anything you will poop within 16 hours.

Miralax works great without causing diarrhea. And “drinking a lot of fluids” should be drinking a lot of water. Not all fluids are equal

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Milk of magnesia is the only thing that works for me that doesn’t me cause horrible stomach cramps like laxatives do and it usually works very quickly.

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Prune juice or spicy food

Up your fiber, munch on a lot if black grapes drink coffee … After all youve taken already it will catch up and youll go. Be sure to drink lots of water

Take a supplement with probiotics and prebiotics in it. It keeps you regular.

Probiotics for sure! Ducolax, too!

Happened to my mom after c section and doctor said she shouldn’t have waited so long to do an enema

It took me 2 weeks to have a bowel movement after my first c-section even with a stool softener

Have a hot drink in the morning, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, even a glass of hot/warm water will probably work. Always does the trick for me :woman_shrugging:t4:

I would make a smoothie every day with flax oil and ground flax seed. Definitely helped.

  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 2-3 ice cubes (more if you want)
  • fistful of kale
  • 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon ground flax seed
  • 1 tablespoon flax oil
  • 1/2 banana and/or other frozen fruit
  • 1/4 of an avocado
  • scoop of protein powder

ShelbyyLinn Carranza wouldn’t reccomend if she has stitches or rips, spicy food will BURN going in and coming out.

Krystina Lemieux ehhh I got pretty desperate.

cut out dairy. eat watermelon, lots of fiber, and drink peppermint tea.

Magnesium supplements! Like the CALM drink or Plexus Biocleanse.

Apple juice, apple sauce, prune juice

Try plum juice or dried plums.

Ask your Dr.You are BF

Believe it or not, drink some sauerkraut juice. It really does the job

Just had mine about a week ago, I hadn’t pooped in about 5 days chugged prune juice one night and pooped the next morning!!

Go to the doctor they might have to give you a suppository that’s too long a week

Castor oil Laxative found at any local store

Lots of water, prunes, grapes, and oatmeal.
Also having coffee helps

It works fast!!!:rofl:and you will feel light as a feather​:rofl:

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Be very careful adding so many high fiber foods to your diet. When you finally are able to go, you won’t be able to stop and that is a different kind of pain altogether. I would probably go with suppositories rather than filling your belly with too many high fiber fpods. Remember… Everything you eat is turned into milk for the baby, if the baby has normal stools then you are okay.

Gatorade frost white helps

Ask your obgyn for a suppository. They gave me one at the hospital before I left and then i had to take stool softeners for several days also

Coffee works as a laxative for me :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Cranberry juice! Or cranberry apple, that’s what I like the most

Dulcolax suppository.

Bananas or apple sauce or get prune juice and drink it warm. Warm prune juice works faster then cold prune juice…

I’d go to the drs and get laxatives

They should have given you mylanta. A big blue bottle.

Finally wr one bars. Sorry. Hope you feel better soon.prayers

Take a laxative Instead of stool softener

I had this problem after my c-section and it was due to the pain medsthe stool softeners do not work I had to get actual laxatives

Miralax, no taste, mix in anything but ask Dr. If breastfeeding.

They dont want anything to happen to your uterine incision usually, but if they gave them to you then they would know what to watch for sense they are aware your taking it.

Just do not force it! Even after a c section it hurts inside to push that hard. Continue the stool softeners. Took me almost a week to finally poop after I had my son

Miralax with two stool softeners did it for me

The gas build up after the anesthesia caused a cessation of peristalsis can be painfully uncomfortable. I felt as though I wanted to allow the escape of gas by piercing my gut with a knitting needle! Lie/rest on your left side to facilitate “farts”.

Eat two raw carrots every day. Grated is good but you can just eat them whole too.

Warm prune juice. The ticker the better. Drink anlot of water too.

Try miralax or milk of magnesia work really well for quick relief. You can use miralax daily as you need it.

Drink lots of water. Eat raisins. And other fruits and vegetables

Take a strong laxative, same problem after my c-section. The pain killers cause it.

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Milk of Magnesia. It’s the only thing that helped after my c-section.