How to treat cradle cap?

My little one has started getting cradle cap, I’ve been soaking the area with baby oil, washing his hair then lightly brushing… then using oatmeal based moisturizer throughout the day. This has some results,are there any better methods you’ve used to help it heal up?


Little bit of head n shoulders mixed into their regular shampoo worked for my girls

Yup a little bit of head n shoulders works wonders

Baby oil, fine tooth comb, and a lot of patience.

Vitamin E oil, tiny toothbrush, baby powder, then a bath.

I’ve heard putting aquaphor on their head and leaving it on overnight then washing in the morning gets it out fast. I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard of a lot of people trying it and it working

Light brushing helped my son…

Cradle cap will also go away on its own…

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Coconut oil, let it sit overnight and it just falls right out

No no baby oil. Coconut oil mom ! Coconut oil and warm water . Wet his hair and comb through it . You gotta get all that cradle cap out . Then wash it .

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It will go away on its own

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ACV (Apple cider vinegar) and a tooth brush. Then lightly was with a baby soap amd make sure you rinse thoroughly. Then brush hair with fine toothed comb or baby brush

I slathered coconut oil and used the brush and squeezed some breastmilk on there and it was gone the next day

I just used vitamin e oil

Aquaphor and a soft toothbrush worked for us

Teatree oil I’ve heard

A lil bit of selselm blue and baby brush after a few times it will be gone

Keep using the baby oil, i just soaked a little spot on a washcloth and dabbed it on a few times a day and it cleared up in like 3 days and hasn’t come back

i used baby oil on my baby’s head with a hat for a few hours then used the baby comb to comb it up, and after put shampoo on their head and gently scrub with the baby brush and rinse. it got all my babys cradle cap out the first time

I got rx shampoo from the pediatrician

I used clarifying shampoo and a soft tooth brush at bath time. I’m a barber, and clarify helps lift that stubborn dead skin off. Moisturize after.
Tea tree shampoo would prolly work well too

Cradle cap will go away on its own except for rare occasions (I’m one of those rare occasions). When it doesn’t go away it’s called seborrheic dermatitis and it’s treated with selsan blue and/or coal tar shampoo (side effects include itching and burning).

Mine had it, told the doc, she gave me samples of head and shoulders shampoo to use, was gone in 3 days.

It will go away on it own.

Head and shoulders. Used it once. Be sure to keep eyes covered when washing off or it will burn. Cured it overnight.

Mash Coconut oil on his head well and comb it out.

I know someone will probably make a comment but with my son we had this wonderful cat and she would lick his head and get rid of it. We never had a problem with her getting to close to his face she just liked to lick his head. I think she had kittens taken away before we got her, she was a stray

My babies Dr said to wash every other day with dish soap. Was ALL gone in one week

I used dandruff shampoo and coconut oil, a little Vaseline on the bad spots

A&d and creamy baby oil

Yes…stop washing hair for a week…use Vaseline and a comb…it will heal up …one it goes away…just try not to wash hair as often… My daughter had it real bad

Use a little head and shoulders that’s what my sons Dr told me n it went away right away!