How to treat eczema?

My daughter gets heat rash and eczema really easily so what will help prevent it from getting worse?

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My little one has horrible eczema & our dermatologist recommends hydrocortisone cream. It works wonders for my little one!

I’m actually allergic to heat and get severe rash and hives. We use calamine(spelling?) lotion. It’s like the pink stuff. It works wonders

Following! My youngest son has the same problem. I couldn’t seem to find anything that would really work. Doc after doc. Cream after cream. I tried the organic coconut oil on him and it just seemed to make it worse. He’s almost a year and it’s finally starting to just “go away”. Doc said he’d probably grow out of it but it itches him when he breaks out and it breaks my heart.

for my kids we had to switch thier soap, lotion(burts bees baby for both soap and lotion), and laundry soap (seventh generation) to help stop from getting the eczema break outs…for heat rash we try ro keep them in light clothing, air conditioning, in the shade…

Eucrisa. It’s a prescription but safe for all ages including babies

The diaper cream from Arbonne

Ive had eczema since i was 8 years old. The best thing for it during the summer that ive found that helps is swimming in a chlorine pool. After a bath/shower, pat the area dry. Do not rub. Put a mild lotion on with no odor or coloring (i use dove sensitive). At night put socks on little hands with a scrunchy around the wrist (they dont leave marks) and itll prevent night itching. But always have a ice water bottle when out and if it flare up. Hurry up and put the ice bottle on it to prevent further irritation

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Cerave cream ears to ankles every 2nd day and bathe daily for my 9 yr old.

We stopped giving our child cow milk. Dairy tends to cause flare ups. So while our child still enjoys an ice cream here or there, she primarily drinks Almond or Oat milk and it’s helped significantly. Also creams are better (thicker) than lotions. No scents. Cetaphil, Cera Ve, and Aveeno brands have worked for us. We use it every night after a bath even if she isn’t itchy. Oatmeal baths a couple times a month. If there is a patch that is particularly flared up we use Aquaphor on it.