How to treat high blood pressure and anxiety?

Hello all!!!

I have a medical question, I suffer from high blood pressure and anxiety. Also on occasion uti and kidney infections. I do take medications as needed for the kidney issues. I currently trying out anxiety/blood pressure medications that are safe for conceiving and or pregnant. I am planning about conceiving within the next year and I’m already taking prenatals and such. Has anyone on here had bad blood pressure issues or anxiety issues? Were they less or worse when you were pregnant? Are there any tips that may help? - thanks in advance!!


Avocado tree leaves, are great for blood pressure and anxiety, you dont have to buy that tea, you could get the actual leaves and boil them, and drink it

My anxiety is so much worse being pregnant. The hormones being all over the place is no help. Please try and get your anxiety under control before you get pregnant.

With blood pressure you can get preeclampsia They will likely watch you carefully and have your pregnancy high risk but ifmonitored and you do what the dr says you should be good.

I switched to CBD.
My anxiety medication caused a lot of issues while trying to get pregnant, after 7 miscarriages I decided to move to a more natural way of caring for myself.
CBD and immersive therapy called Pathways core training in Dallas, TX became my life saver. I got pregnant within months with a health baby boy and we’re pregnant again with a little girl.
I still had the occasional panic attack while I was pregnant, mostly during the vivid dream time because let’s be real- those dream get real crazy. But it was nothing compared to what I experienced before even on medication.

Both of my pregnancies were considered high risk due to my blood pressure. I kept it closely monitored and took a low dose of Lebetalol with no issues. I had to have more ultrasounds than usual to ensure that the baby’s growth was on track. I also had to send my at-home blood pressure readings in to the office every week. My anxiety definitely increased more with both pregnancies, but it was still manageable.

Get your anxiety in check before you get pregnant. The doctors believed that I gave birth 7 weeks early because of my anxiety and depression.