How to treat itchy scalp?

i’m 30 weeks pregnant, and recently my scalp has been itching soo badly. i figured it was just part of being pregnant so i just dealt with it but today i’ve been having pain in my upper right abdomen area and of course i had to google my symptoms and the first thing that popped up was cholestasis! should i be concerned and call the doctor or am i overreacting?


Change shampoos and see the Dr


Pregnancy can often cause gallbladder issues. Use a hypoallergenic product when it comes to shampoo and conditioners. It’s something I would definitely see your doctor about asap.

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Upper right abdomen pain can be caused by gall bladder issues! Go in and get checked mine started hurting a few days after my son was born and it is extremely painful when trying to breathe

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When I got pregnant with my first baby the best advice I ever received was NEVER RESEARCH SYMPTOMS OF ANYTHING ON GOOGLE!!! Call your doctor


I had really bad dry scalp at the end of my pregnancy I soaked my hair in coconut oil and hour before my shower 3 times a week. Helped beyond measures! Goodluck.

Get checked. I had PUPPS during the last two months of my pregnancy that made me incredibly itchy. My OB had me tested for cholestasis via blood and an NST test because it’s extremely dangerous. Better safe than sorry!

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My doctor told me to never Google anything. Always text or call him or my nurse practitioner. Google shows the worst case scenario.

Call your doctor and let them know. I had cholestasis in the last weeks and had to deliver at 37 weeks. Also, I know everyone is saying not to Google your symptoms but if I hadn’t googled mine I would’ve thought it was normal pregnancy growing itching. You never know.

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My daughter had that
It is very uncomfortable. Talk to the doctor

I had that with both my pregnancies. I was so itchy at the end of my last pregancy i was literally getting cuts and scabs frim itching my ankles. But i itched all over. Ended up losing my galbladder 3 months after i had my son. Was awful! But i don’t think my head was itchy. Just everywhere else

Put Listerine on your saulp and see your dr

Yep call a doctor. I was itching real bad during my third pregnancy and the doctor said it was just the skin stretching and hormones but best to be safe