How to treat lactose intolerance while pregnant?

Any lactose intolerant women take lactaid or lactose pills while pregnant? I wanted to take my son out for ice cream this weekend, and I’m craving soft serve. I’m terribly lactose intolerant and I really don’t want to feel sick (anymore than I already am) afterwards. Is it safe do you think?

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Ask a pharmacist or your doc to be sure

I’d just stick with a non lactose ice cream or sherbet. :woman_shrugging:

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I did! My doctor had no concerns and my son was born perfectly fine

Doesnt hurt to try! I’m lactose intolerant but I can handle very small portions of dairy without it hurting my belly so maybe just eat a small cone.

My doctor recommended that I take it during pregnancy.

They never worked for me, I always had to just stick to lactose free products.

I did. . They didn’t work for pregnant me. .

Talk to your dr or pharmacist

I honestly don’t intake ice cream. Kraze Yogurt and flavored ice has been my replacement

I did sherbert and or used essential oils to help support my digestive tract :blush: