How to treat mastitis at home?

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Hello. Do you have any home remedies for mastitis? I went to the hospital and was prescribed antibiotics. I am starting to pump today. Any help is appreciate.


Rest as much as you can while your body heals. Warm or cold compresses can help with pain. And nursing / pumping often. I basically laid in bed with baby, skin to skin and nursing, all day for two days. That combined with antibiotics helped me get back on my feet quickly.

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Hot shower on the Boob and pump in the shower. Or wrap Boob in hot moist towels and pump. Also feed on that side as often as possible. You might hear that its “bad milk” I was told that I shouldn’t feed ok n that side or give baby the pimped milk, but it’s perfectly good to give to baby.

I had this twice omfg the pain… the only thing I can advise is what I was advised and it worked. Be careful very careful you don’t burn…
*Hot bath and flannels soaked In the water on the boobs helps drain them. I would be sat in the bath dripping from both boobs like a constant tap.

  • hot as you can stand water on flannels on boobs.
    *boiled cabbage leaves on boobs. (Yep an old wives tale one that surprisingly works)
  • expressing milk was agony and made the whole experience of breast feeding awful. I would hot flannel my poor rocks of boobs then express by hand to minimise the pain.

Warm compresses, massage breast, you can have your partner suck the clog out from what my doctor told me

Warm Compresses and Massage help great!