How to treat morning sickness?

so im a ftm lil over 6 weeks into pregnancy and i just made breakfast burritos for everyone and im not sure if i wanna eat or not stomach feels blegh. morning sick is hitting me hard :sob:


In the first few months i couldnt eat anything i made myself any time of day. :pensive: try getting fruit and munching on that to get hungry

I know it’s hard I used to be sick with certain foods too! Potatoes, eggs, and certain scents.

When my morning sickness arrives, I survive off fresh fruit, smoothies with chia seeds for protein, protein shakes, hot tea(usually peppermint), and plain crackers with honey.

I know it sounds silly but I understand your pain completely I’m almost 13 weeks and I get extreme morning sicknesss I’ve found that when I can’t keep anything down eating popsicles really helps! Plus they help keep you hydrated especially if you buy the pedialyte ones

You’ll get through it, most of the time it goes away by about 16 weeks. I just eat whatever I can stomach.

If that means I’m living on fruity pebbles and chicken noodle soup for a week, so be it! I just shop separately for myself based on what I can stomach. It is hard because it changes pretty quickly. I hate that I can barely down a banana and the thought of salad makes me want to :nauseated_face:, but it is what it is… Some nutrients and calories are better than none and having an empty stomach just makes nausea worse.

Get peppermint essential oil and rub it on your neck behind your ears and on your wrist. Or get the sea bands for your wrist they work amazing.

Look for pregnancy candies they helped me I was so sick I would get dizzy but the candies I could take on the go and they worked amazingly

it pops up when im hungry >.< like im hungry and if i eat it will go away but ffs stop with the nausea