How to treat runny nose in babies?

What do you all recommend for a runny nose. My 6month old has had a runny nose and cough (some congestion) since yesterday. I started feeling a little scratch in my nose and new I was gonna get sick since two days ago and I got my baby sick. I just don’t like to use medication. What do you all recommend that doesn’t involve medicine?


A cold mist humidifier has worked wonders for my little man when he is congested!

I’ve been using saline drops for my daughter to loosen the snot then an aspirator to clear her out.

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Humidifier, baby bath with eucalyptus, saline drops.


No essential oils around a little one that young!
Elderberry syrup is great and nosa Frida works

Lil nose drops and suck it out!!

Motrin works the best, plus humidifier or turn on the shower and shut the door for a few mins to get it really steamy in there. Baby Vicks, or the baby Vicks vapor bath bubble that works good.

acc 200 , saline and eucoluptus

I have a carpol plug in, you leave it on over night, honestly we found it god send when our son was very little - but we still have it now and he is 4 - we have one for our room too :joy: the minute we feel a little fuzzy headed, like a cold is coming, we plug it in and usually wake up feeling fresh

Saline drops and Vick’s

Steamy hot bathroom… Sit in the bathroom With the door closed With your baby for about 15 mins. It will open up the respiratory system and help the baby to breathe better. Because it does get hot rather quickly you can strip the baby down to just diaper for a little comfort. I have used this technique for all three of my children and it really does work.

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Some times your child needs medicine to get better… Sorry to say that…


A trip to the pediatrician for antibiotics


Maybe I am a mean mom. My almost three-year-old has one piece of candy in his basket and that’s it

Vicks vapor pads plug in…I used to bring toys in the bathroom and we would have “stuffy nose shenanigans” in the bathroom…still a favorite sick day thing and she’s 5

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My pediatrician said with babies that small they don’t get enough of the good stuff because of the small dosage they most get fillers. For my little ones I rub Vicks on their feet and put on socks. If they are really bad, I’ll go old skool and add onion to their sock. Turn on a steamy shower and yall sit in the bathroom for a while & suction there baby nose. I was always too scared to use saline drops for my babies but they do have some be pretty good brands out there

Humidifier and vicks on the chest

I know you don’t want to use medicine but Zarbees baby cold and mucus is really natural, Used it for my son over the winter in the morning and before bed and his pediatrician okayed it. Just make sure it’s for babies and not children’s, the baby has agave and children’s has honey. We also kept a cool mist humidifier going 24/7 in his room, put saline in his nose and used a nose Frida to clean it out before bed, then rubbed baby Vicks on his feet and chest.

Humidifier, saline and nose sucker, baby vicks, Pedialyte and rest.

Humidifier they have those little pedialyte popsicles and nose suction.