How to treta eczema in kids?

My 19 month old daughter has been scratching at her back all the time. I spoke to the dr a few weeks ago and she said it was eczema and prescribed something for it. There is no rash and no dry skin that I can see and the medicine still has not helped. If I put itching cream on it shes fine for a but but her back is covered in scratches. I’m going to call the dr back obviously but I’m only getting more worried now because it’s getting worse and shes scratching to here shes bleeding. Any suggestions? Ideas of what it could be?


I’m no expert, but when I was young my back itched like crazy. Dr. said I needed vitamin D due to lack of sunshine. You’d think it should be vitamin C, but it was D.

Have you tested your water? We had hard water and we installed a water softener and we saw a huge difference in our daughter!! She used to scratch till she bleed and ever since she barely scratched at all. We too had tried a million different creams!

I have the same habit turns out it’s the laundry detergent

My daughter is 7 and she has suffered from atopic dermatitis (eczema) her whole life. We have used steroids, prescriptions, ointments, lotions dietary restrictions and still unmanageable. What I find that works well is aquaphor, keep her lathered. I even put the her steroid ointment on and then seal it with a coat of the aquaphor. Also, I have recently started using an all natural ointment called Eczema Honey (the bathbombs are amazing too) and I have seen a significant difference in her skin.

I just want to note that sometimes there isn’t a rash, redness or bumps for it to be eczema, in the backs of my daughters calves it happens a layer or two under her skin and is only visible in the summer months when the spots don’t tan.

It’s a struggle for real because it’s something you have to stay on top of all the time and a lot of lotions like Aveno are actually worst because the have alcohol in them. Your best bet is to see the dermatologist and find a regime that is going to work for your baby’s skin. Good luck :confused:

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I’m 74 and I also have tried everything. It’s very hard to stay away from things when you don’t know what may set it off. Black soap has help me most. I just learned about this. Keeping moist skin helps if you can find a lotion or cream that you can use. I’m sorry for your child. I pray that you find what will help.

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Maybe she has an allergy to your detergents and the clothes lay against her back and irritates her. Give her some children’s benadrayl

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You need to change your detergents maybe soap. Only change 1 thing at a time
Allergies affect everyone differantly . Mine make .eme itch all of the time and I’m allergic to all kinds of stuff.

Try a baking soda bath