How to turn breech baby?

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I’m 36 weeks and the baby had dropped but hasnt turned. im being monitored with ultrasounds every week to make sure the babys heart and his weight is ok. as if nkw hes only 4 pounds. if he disent turn by next week my dr wants me to have a c section and im really scared.

what was some moms experiances with c sections. my mom died 2 times on the table with my brothers so its always scared me.


Glad I had an emergency c-section. 🤷 I was terrified of ripping hole to hole. Was easy peezy for me.


Both of mine went smoothly. Everything before was hell but once I went through those doors to the OR it went better than expected

I just had a c-section due to my daughter being breech. The recovery is definitely longer, but overall I had built it up in my head to something worse than it really was. Its a very strange feeling when its happening but its quick! Just make sure you get up and walk as soon as you can and don’t just lay around being miserable, and you’ll be fine. Yes you’ll have some pain, but it honestly isn’t as bad as you probably think.


I completely understand your fear given your moms history. Ive never had one so I cant speak to how it goes. I would like to say that even tho there are risks as with and surgery, what happen with your mom is not typical. Have faith in your body and in your baby. Your Drs and nurses will take care of you and if something doesnt feel right dont be afriad to tell them. You can do this momma weather its c section of natural birth. Its hard but our bodies are built for it! Just concentrate on the end result holding your baby.

I had an emergency c-section Feb 23rd at 37 weeks because of undiagnosed preeclampsia that turned into hellp and intrauterine growth retardation (my daughter was 4lb 13oz) I cant tell you how my c-section actually felt when it was going on because my anxiety got the best of me and they put me under but I was over anxious over nothing . my c-section went flawlessly and 4 months later you can barely see the scar unless you really look . my daughter is still tiny for her age but is otherwise healthy

I’m so sorry that things are not going as expected. I had an unplanned and a planned c-section with my guys. After 3 days, baby was starting to have distress & my water had been broken so we decided to change plans and take him. So glad we did it! Cord was wrapped twice around his neck & I had a cyst wrapped around my spleen that ruptured. My doctors were great & I thought recovery was pretty mild. I was up & moving in a few days. My second guy came 15 months later so he was scheduled. He was wedged way up in there & they actually turned him breech to pull him out by his feet. Again, recovery wasn’t too bad & I was moving within a few days of being home. I would have loved to have delivered vaginally but not in the cards for us. I always felt like I was safe & cared for just like my boys. My suggestion would be to talk to your doctor about your fears. Have them explain everything to you as well as your options & consequences of each option. I always feel better when I am making an intentional, informed choice. Hope this helps. At the end of the day, you’ll have your little guy to snuggle & love.

I had an emergency section with my son, the epidural top up failed somehow and I felt the entire thing, it was horrible, honestly though, I would do it again and I much rather that then to have a tear or cut anywhere else tbh

My sister had 2 c sections almost exactly a year apart! She did fine! You will be okay!

I have had 3 and will have my 4th in November

Recovery is a little longer but its really not that bad.
Had an emergency c-section with my first and am due to have a 2nd c-section in 5weeks. It is scary and weird feeling but didn’t have issues. Its different for everyone but usually goes good.

I’ve had two. One emergency and one scheduled. But my baby was without oxygen for over 2 mins with the 1st hence the reason I need an emergency one. But I was fine with both!.

Ive had 2 c sections so far . . . .slept during the first. . . was in 36hrs of labor before they said my daughter wasnt gunna be able to fit thru my pelvis . . . . . . . . my second one i was awake for. . . both were okay recoveries. Never took any of the meds given for pain. Every surgery has risks. But if it means keeping the baby safe im for it.

Same happened with my mom as well. I was always scared to need one. Ended up needing an emergency c-section with my daughter. I didn’t have any issues and my scar is barely noticeable. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I had c section with my daughter after 30hrs of labor…she had a big head lol. Recovery wasn’t super bad but there were uncomfortable moments. I was 33. I am 32 wks pregnant and will be 42 next month. I really dont want another c section as I am much older and scared of having pain flares as I have Fibromyalgia. I think this go round I would much rather really try for vaginal as my recovery will be easier. He has been head down the whole pregnancy so I can only hope this one doesn’t have a big head too.

I’ve had 3 c secs with no complications. My babies were 8 and 9 pounds and my pelvis was narrow. Yes recovery is longer. Just make sure you have lots of help. Take care of yourself as well.

If you get the spinal anesthesia just know it feels like you can’t breathe they didn’t tell me an i couldn’t talk, swallow an felt like I couldn’t breathe I was panicking honestly the c section was quick my 23 hours of labor before my c section was miserable, recovery is hard be sure to have plenty of help my incision got infected an opened up its gonna take a few weeks to close from the inside out, don’t stress it tho once you see your beautiful baby none of it matters

I’ve had 4 c-sections, never any complications.

If yr baby is breech n u require a c section I had that problem n everything was fine with the baby jus hv faith and pray to God all wil go well for you and your baby

Do know why your mother almost died twice? If not ,find out why. I had two c’ s ,longer recovery. Medicine is more advanced now also.

I had a scheduled c section and it was a great experience! I would definitely schedule it if you can!

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If you force yourself to get up and around ASAP it helps SO MUCH. I had two. First was an emergency, second was scheduled, but she came a month early and they had to do another emergency C-section

I’ve had two. First was emergency C-section with my twin daughters,second was emergency C-section was my son. Both went fine. The only thing that’s harder is the healing time takes longer and the pain is a little more. But you will be ok Momma!! And baby will too!! Praying for a healthy outcome for you both!!

I personally would wait until overdue before consenting to a surgery. The baby can turn at the last moment without any help. Also it can be turned if need be. I would avoid a c section unless absolutely necessary.

Baby can turn after 37 weeks. You won’t know if you need a cesarean until closer to d day, unless you are delivering early for some reason. Relax. It isn’t that bad. I have had 4. Its just scary. The delivery is a lot less painful, but the recovery is harder. It is a pretty routine surgery. The hardest part for me was learning what I couldn’t do while healing. No laughing, coughing, sneezing, lifting, getting up fast, etc. And if you need to, only cry softly. Some docs use staples to close the incision too. It was a shock for me seeing the staples, so be prepared for that. Good luck.

First was emergency csection. Failure to progress after 27 hrs labor. They waited too long to try everything else and he wasnt breathing when he was born had to be resuscitated. The spinal block numbs everything almost immediately. No pain but could feel the tugging a little bit. My sons dad was next to me the whole time. Other then that it went smoothly. Recovery was okay too. My daughter I had to do a scheduled csection due to severe complications I could have had if I had done vaginal. Easy as pie. We actually thought she was head down the entire time until she cut me open and the first thing my doctor saw was he little butt cheeks hahaha. It will go well! Stay positive momma they have everything set up and ready to go incase of any situation. As long as your baby is okay right now with a heart beat you will be fine :slight_smile: deep breathes! Good Luck!

Get up and move ASAP I didn’t and it took me way longer to heal , also mine was infected. Just keep an eye on it. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds and remember that your experience will be completely different than everyone else. Nobody in my family has ever had to have a c-section except for me :woman_shrugging:t3:

Go see a chiropractor they can possibly turn the baby

Try getting baby to turn. Lay with your back on the floor, and your hips up on a couch or chair and take an ice pack and place it at the top of your uterus on your belly. Baby’s like warm, so they will want to turn away from the ice pack. It worked with my son at 35 weeks, he flipped and I had him vaginally.

I had a c-section with my twins. I agree with all the moms- delivery process is fast and easy- but recovery is a long process. Mine took almost a year to fully heal- no joke. But do what’s best for baby. They can change position at any time. Don’t stress about it- you’ll be just fine. Good luck😊

Had to have an emergency C. Recovery is longer, and if you are doing it by yourself it is hard and painful.
My sister had 3 c sections.
All with no complications.
I would talk to your mom and see why she died twice on the table. There has to be a reason.
When you go in for your C, tell your dr your mom had trouble. They will keep a closer eye on you

Try not to worry, some babies do wait until last minute. My last turned at 37 weeks. I’m also scared of Csection, and hoing I can get through one last time without one.

I had an emergency c section. I could feel the oressure but couldnt feel pain. All went well except for one part og where i was cut that feels like the muscle is almost flipping sometimes when i move to fast or lift anything heavy. That being said i talked to many other moms who said thats not normal and to get checked. Otherwise c section went well. Around day 4 was the worst. I was stiff,sore and could barely move. This continued on til i finslly forced myself out the door for a 300 meter walk (which was a hig achievment for me at that time due to the surgery). From there everything was on path to heaking and i was jo linger stiff or sore

Csections have come a long way in recent years, of course there’s always a risk as with any surgery, but it’s much lower these days. I had my son via c-section in January, 4 lbs 3 oz. The first couple days are the hardest and then it gets a little bit easier everyday. If you feel you need help during the healing process don’t be afraid to ask friends and family. Good luck!