How to turn breech baby?

My entire pregnancy my baby has been breech but I’m almost 29 weeks what should I expect ? I know it’s still early

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Baby has plenty of time to turn. I wouldn’t get worried until 33-35 weeks. But I would bring it up with your doctor about possibilities

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My baby was breeched also… my doctor wanted to manually flip her but that fell through the day we were going to try and I’m glad it did because my uterus is heart shaped and it could have hurt her. Everything happens for a reason, just take it for what it is. A C-section and a healthy baby is not a bad thing if that is what it comes to!

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My son turned around at 28-29 week

My baby was too. He turned.

You still have plenty of time for baby to flip. Mine just flipped and im 32 weeks

I had a breech baby, the doctor told me their was no way I could get the baby to move, my mother inlaw was a midwife. I was 8 monthes pregnant. She told me to do this exercise where you lay flat on the floor, bend your knees. Pick your butt off the floor, with your hands underneath you, just hold you butt in the air. Hold it there for a couple of min do this, 3 times a day. My baby turned in a week. Your just holding your pelvis in the air. That was about 38years ago. It really worked for me.

Be careful I wouldn’t do it yet, the baby may keep turning, wait a while, baby’s do turn sometimes by themselves

only 1 out of my 5 kiddos was my 4th kiddo that was breech, they tried to turn her but she star fished and flipped back… miss stubborn and still is 13 yrs later lol

My baby turned late into my pregnancy so try not to worry

Baby still had plenty of time to turn, my second one want in the right position till just minutes before he made his appearance.