How to use a baby wrap?

My husband bought me one of those baby wraps when I mentioned wanting one and now that I have it I’ve realized answers I thought were obvious in parenting are not. How tight is too tight? I’ve watched all the videos, like all and I can’t figure it out. they move completely free in the videos like their baby has become one with them and I can’t seem to get mine tight enough comfortably to where I can bend over like them. That’s why I wanted it! It feels like he is gonna fall out when I do but I also feel like if I tighten it anymore he’s going to be squished and suffocate. is it normal to still need to hold him when I bend over?


Which one did you get? I have a Moby that I just started using and I love it. It’s a learning curve for sure. It may take trying a different one or style to find what works for you and babes

I could never stand to wear them for this exact reason!!! Baby wearing was not for me. My best friend swore by it though lol

My MIL just purchased me one too, and I can’t get it right either. Doesn’t feel tight enough, and it buches up my shirt all the time.

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I used mine almost every day until she was 6 months. I don’t think there is such a thing as too tight. If I could get her into it then it wasn’t too tight. The fabric is stretchy and when it spreads out around baby it’s comfortable for them. I did everything with her in the wrap including moving/chasing cows.

I was so excited to recieve my momacozy wrap…I youtubed so many videos,tried it on…got my newborn into for about 5 minutes and thay was it…she didn’t like it and my anxiety was terrible with all of the issues you’re having, I thought I was going to squish her or she’d fall out…I couldn’t seem to find a happy medium.

No matter how tight I wear mine I always hold when bending over to if they feel snug and their core is snug to your chest and don’t slide down when you walk around that should be tight enough. I a mom cozy with a outer rap to go around it support.their back and neck more. personally feels better then a Moby wrap