How to use a birthing ball?

Is it ok to sit on a birthing ball at 37 weeks dilated at a 3 already? Do you sit, bounce, or roll your hips ? Thank you :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Go for it. I wouldn’t bounce but rolling and sitting is good.

I did all the above
And marched
And squats
And none of it helped me along :joy:

I lived in on my yoga ball at that point.

Wait. You dont want to go into labor at 37 weeks. NICU is not fun! Baby is not fully developed yet!

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Definitely ok! I’ve rolled my hips on mine my entire pregnancy, it helps with the pain haha

Yes your baby is developed enough to go into labor without worry. I had my son at 37.5 weeks.

Im a preemie mom of two babies 32 & 35 weekers, 37 is not full term in the US it is term, 39 is full term in the US. However it is correct that the lungs, brain and kidneys are not fully developed until 40 weeks. There is a low chance your baby would need cpap being born term. My daughter born at 35.2 didnt need any oxygen, but i got the steriod shots at 33 weeks to boost her lungs because i knew i was starting to go into early labor, both of my babies were also bigger for their gestation so i think that contributed some. The nicu is not fun and no place you want to be my son 32 weeker spent 3 weeks there, happy to see a momma preeching better to be safe than sorry! Now also to add rotating on a birthing ball is fine and actually helps bring your baby into position and can help make labor easier. It will not induce labor. Bouncing, dancing, squats, walking, sex etc may induce labor.

I gave birth at 37 weeks and I used the ball when I wasn’t even dialated my water broke anyways they told me to just roll my hips.

39 weeks is full term, so I would just wait. You’ll never know if your baby will come put healthy or need oxygen, and I personally wouldn’t risk it just because you don’t want to be pregnant anymore…

Pretend your fucking it lol.

I did it was the only way I could sit comfortably I rolled my hips and sat