How to wean a baby from swaddling?

Hi, mamas! So we’ve reached the stage with our infant where we are trying to wean her off of swaddling. She just loves being swaddled and cuddly-warm all the time. But she’s becoming a lot more active, starting to roll over, etc. and my doctor said I should start trying to transition her out. Is there anything I can buy that would help with this? Something that will keep her happy and cuddly and warm, but without needing to swaddle with a blanket or what not. Thank you! #Products


They have different types of swaddles that are made for babies who start moving, it give them the freedom of their arms. It’s like a sac

We used the Halo sleep sack swaddle and started letting him have his hands free. And swaddling underneath his arms.
And then eventually moved to just a sleep sack by Halo. Worked great!

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Sleep sack worked for us.

Love the sleep sacks. I called it " baby in a bag". It was so cute. Lol. The kids LOVED it.

We have been using sleep sacks or some are called wearable blankets. Carters carries sleeveless cotton ones so they don’t get too hot

Try the night gowns for them

I just stopped. Started wearing out my LO till he was good and tired and laid him down for nap time. Let him cry for 5-10min, usually by then he was fast asleep. If he started doing his upset cry and not his tired cry, I’d get him and check. Then it’s usually something keeping them from falling asleep like hunger or a diaper change.
Do either and repeat.
I know we worry about our babies not getting enough love but independence is important too.
After a week letting him fall asleep on his own after we stopped swaddling; my 5m old takes about 2 short naps and 1 long one. Sleeps 8-10 hours every night consistently even while teething. In reality, we cant always be there

Good luck mine is 17 months old and however he doesnt want to be swaddled he just refuses to sleep without the blanket.