How to wean baby from pacifier?

hello! ftm . My son is 1 and I still can’t get him to get off the pacifier . He cries badly whenever i take it away. Any advice??


Consistency and maybe slowly.

We gave it to “the didi fairy” (didi is paci aha) and she left a little gift in return. Similar to the tooth fairy.

Snip the tip. It usually takes away the suckling sensation and they don’t like it.


I just “lost” them. Mine got over it pretty quick.

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Pack them all up and give them to the little babies who need them

I just took it away and delt with it a day or two. But i took it away at a younger age also

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We gave ours to Santa.

I waited until my daughter was 2, your son is still young so I wouldn’t worry too much, we did the snip the tip method and she was over it in a day!


Isn’t one year very very early to get them of the pacifier?
Here in Denmark it is not uncommon that they have it till they are 2-3 years old

This is a hard one. My boy stopped on his own at 7 mos. My girl had to be weaned… But was easy… But she was also 3

Straight to the garbage

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Stop trying so hard to take it away. We all have things we enjoy during the day babies/toddlers included. Save your sanity and let him have it he’s still little enough.


My daughter wouldnt give it up till she turned 3 no matter what i did she wouldnt stop screaming bloody murder till she got it back i mean hours sooo determined then shortly after she turned 3 she just didnt want it all on her own same when we potty trained her thought she would never be potty trained really thought we were doing something wrong then one day she just went and never went back no accidents nothing she does things on her own terms lol

If you want him to not have it, just don’t give it to him. It will be a rough couple of days, but he’ll get over it. Both my sons were extremely attached to their binkies, so I know how you feel.

He may not be ready. I took my son’s away at 15 months and he was ready so there was no fuss at all after the first day.

Don’t stress it…Honey, My Daughter had hers till she was almost 4…just make sure he’s weekend before any school*

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Tell you what I gave my oldest a bobo and he had it until 3.
I tried taking it away, yea he cried for four days straight. What I did was bought smaller one and he couldn’t suck on it. He gave it up on his own a couple days later.
With my second son I told the nurse do t you dare put that thing inhis mouth. Not going through that again. He never had one. Did perfectly fine.

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Wouldn’t worry too much still young. My girls 2 and a half and still has a dummy at night, wait until he’s old enough to understand then use what the others had said such as its lost or the dummy fairy took it. I’m not worried about my daughter because she talks for England and her teeth are fine. I reckon she will probably give it up her self as she’s gave it up through the day.

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Cut the tip off all of the ones you have and talk to him about how big boys don’t need them and that only babies do. My oldest was almost 2 when I got tired if them and did this. I then tossed them one by one till they where all gone. My youngest never used them and never sucked his thumb or fingers.

Around 18 months she threw a fit cuz I wouldn’t let her have it during the day (was switching to night time only) and she feel asleep on her so I just threw them away :woman_shrugging:t2: I told her they were all gone and it took a few days for her to stop asking but she wasn’t too bad.

Throw it away and he’ll get over it eventually

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Throw it away and let his ass cry for a while.

He is still young… Give it time. My son was 3(?) But we took him to the store and he gave his binky away to a little baby who needed it.

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Hes only 1. Still a baby

Take it away and don’t give it back. My youngest daughter loved hers, always had it. Her doctor told me to take it away as it could destroy her teeth. So I just took it away, got rid of all of them and said that other babies needed it and she had to give hers back for the tiny babies

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It’s rlly on u…
My son didn’t have a binkie since he was like 2-3 months… I see no need for them tbh

If u don’t want him to have it u kinda got to get through the crying and ween him from it… try distracting w toys etc. And yes it won’t be easy… but like i said that’s on u…
How long a child has a binky is not determined on the child…sucking is a child’s first instinct and they will obv do it if u let them… it is on the parent 100%

Like I said … my son hasn’t had one since months after he was born… there’s other ways around it

try this… dip it in something that he does not like the taste of and then give it to him see if that helps… If he doesn’t like it tell him to throw it in the trash if it’s yucky throw it away… and do it with everyone of the pacifiers… and do it every time he wants a pacifier

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Well I’m not going to lie as a child I used mine till I was 3, and my child doesn’t use one but does suck his thumb :woman_shrugging:t3:

He’s still pretty young to take it away. He definitely shouldn’t have one by the time he’s 2 1/2 max 3 years old. Then cut the top part of the nipple off.

My daughter was 2 I think. We had her throw it out herself, then we took the garbage out together so she saw it leave.
It helped. The first night was rough but it got better

Ps cutting the tips off is a serious risk… so many people have done that and suffocated their babies
Super unadvised


My dentist said not to worry about it at that age because he could resort to sucking on fingers which is much harder to break. My son is 2 now and only has it at night time.

I threw my sons away because he would lose them and I told him he must have hid them from himself

I believe my daddy threw mine out the window going down the road. My first 2 children decided on their own they didn’t want it anymore. My third one is only 7 months so not sure how she’ll be.

Snip the tip off just the very top he won’t like how it feels and will eventually give it up

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I have 3 kids. None of them took a pacifier. Ever. They all talked super early. No teeth issues. No bottles in bed. They all slept through the night from day one. The longer you wait the harder it will be. I’ve seen the struggle with my friends and cousins kids.

Baby will outgrow the binky when he’s ready. You don’t see any 20 year old adults running around with binkys (not counting raves lol) so I would just give it time.


Let him cry it won’t hurt him. Try distracting him with something else.

So funny story. I hit my pacifiers when I was little, and whenever my parents took one away or threw a bunch away when they found my stash, is go find another one. I had one until I was 4.

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With all 3 of my kids I let them have it whenever until they were about 2 years old. Then I started taking it away during the day but giving it to them at night. Then at about 2.5 I started taking it away at night time. All 3 did this without much problems. They will cry for a couple nights or whine for it throughout the day but you just gotta deal and try to redirect them to something else.

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I sons away at 2. I told him what we were going to do and to feel like a big boy I gave him the option of throwing it away himself. It didn’t quite work, I had to take it and tossed it in front of him. Yes he had a meltdown but after a day he was fine.

Let him cry, I had to with all 3 of my girls. They get passed the feelings of needing it. Sometimes you just gotta accept the meltdown and stick to your guns

Let him keep it. All my kids had theirs till they was 3. Its okay momma

When my daughter was 2 1/2 my cousin came over and was like “We are getting rid of this thing today” He put my hubbys Valenteono sauce on the paci. My daughter put it in her mouth and spit it out. She never wanted one since. Got rid of it in one day :sweat_smile:

cold turkey. throw it away. and stop giving in.

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I think he is still too young…

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Cut a hole in the tip if. That don’t work throw them out he’ll stop crying sooner or later

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Well from my friends n their kids they would cut the tips of them or just throw them out. Out of sight out of mind my son refused to take the nuke at 6 monthd

Do not worry to much, I took mine away when my bubba got a cold and could not breath with it in her mouth wait till then and try but no rush still only a baby x

Personally I’ve let mine keep theirs until they decided they don’t want it anymore. My 3 year old has one for bedtime.


My son caught a could at about 1 years old he couldn’t have his binky because he was so congested for a wewk or so and i just never gave it back. It worked pretty well!

My niece saw a Sesame Street episode where Elmo gave his pacifier to a new baby, then she put it in the care package my SIL was sending us for our new baby. Sometimes TV can help! It was so so sweet.

There’s no rule that says you have to take it away by 1. For me I always just made them a bedtime thing for comfort once they were older and eventually they just didn’t want them. It’s up to you to do what you feel is best for YOUR baby hun


You need to deal with it and just throw them in the garbage and never look back. Of course he will cry for a few days but he WILL get over it.

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Throw it away and never look back


My children weren’t into pacifiers but they could have a bottle of water anytime. Give him a bottle of water instead Then I started telling them that when they turned the next age they wouldn’t need it anymore because he/she would be a big girl/boy. The closer to the birthday I’d say "in a week, a 3 days, tomorrow, …you will not need it anymore, and they didn’t.

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Why ppl give these things to babies because they are lazy anything to shut the kids up you will see cost later in dental messes up there teeth later in life


I had mine until I was almost 4… I still remember getting to be a “big girl” with my cousins and give them to the garbage man. My brother got rid of his at 3. My parents bagged them up and he gave them to the clerk at the drum store to buy his first set of drums. My nephew could only have his at bed time after 2, but hes 3 now and and still asks for it when hes sick… My first born never had one. My second so far loves it but is only 2 months. If your adamant about getting rid of it now cut the tips. Or go cold Turkey… I personally think at 1 it would be hard to just give at night bc they cant understand that. I think everyone is different and you do what you feel is best for your child… you got this

Took bottles and pacifiers away the day of each child’s first birthday. My kids were never really too attached to them but yea would cry at sleep time for it for a day or two and then forgot about them.


Let him say good bye to it and the cut the tip off and throw it away.

My parents threw mine out of the car one day :rofl: cruel but it worked haha

My daughter threw her binky away when she was four, i was concerned when she turned 2, took her to our dentist and he said it was fine. She is 13 and has perfect teeth…

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My daughter is 2 years and 3 months old!!! I just managed to take hers about 2 weeks ago… She screamed and cryed for it but you just gotta tough it out! If you can make it the first day and night then you got it. GOOD LUCK

Put your phone down…


Take it away & don’t give in
I have heard of people cutting the tip off of them too

Let him pick out a big boy sippy and trade for the pacifier

Just take it and throw it away

I cut my son’s pacifier, the tip off. Then let him have it. He eventually realized he wasn’t getting any satisfaction from it and chose himself to not use it anymore.

He’s only 1 still a baby I wouldn’t stress about it too much! He will get rid off it when he’s ready. My daughter got rid off the dummy when she was 3 and did no harm was mainly for comfort at bed time


Let him have it, he is only 12 mos. Save it for nap and bedtime only.


The earlier the better… the longer you wait the longer it’s gonna take!! I seen kids almost 5 with them!! That’s just to much!!! I never have gave my kids one for that reason… nip it in the bud now

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I know someone is going to tell me I’m horrible because balloons are bad yadda yadda but I tried EVERYTHING. Then one day I said that the babies in heaven needed a passy because they were upset. Tied a balloon to it and let her let it go up to heaven for the babies in heaven. I only had to remind her once that she had sent it to heaven.


My son kept his til he was 3. Took a army to keep him away from them but he finally calmed down.

My daughter was over 2 when she finally got off hers. She would loose them so easily weather it was in the couch or anything. So we let her lose all hers and when it came down to the last one we told her if you lose it it’s gone no more and she lost it and was fine without

My doc said there’s no medical reason to force my 1 year old off of hers. The main concern is the social aspect of it when she gets into school.

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Take it away and deal with the crying,it will eventually stop. Distract him. Show him something new

On my daughter’s 2nd birthday it was taken away.

Take your child to build a bear let him pick out a stuffed animal to make and tell him he is a big boy now and put the paci in the animal and carry it around always…

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The child will get rid of it when he or she is ready. Don’t just take it away. My daughter had her til she was 3. She had them hidden all over the house. I’d take 1, shed find another.


My son is almost 2 and i just got him off bottles and pacifiers a couple weeks ago. It was a struggle at first but he just gradually took more and more sippy cups until i decided to just stop giving him milk and he never missed it. Same thing with pacifiers. He was obsessed with them and i feared it would be a massive struggle to get him to stop wanting them…but it wasnt. He hasnt even noticed they were gone and i mean he was OBSESSED. He knew what the word meant, if he found one itd instantly be put in his mouth, hed take them from other kids and wouldnt sleep otherwise.
Itll get easier just have to choose the right time and cut cold turkey.

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Don’t take it away then, it’s his comfort item. I wouldn’t worry about it just yet. My son is 15 MO and just started only wanting his at night to sleep.

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I waited for my daughter to go to bed and then threw them out. For her it was out of sight out of mind.

1 year is still young let him keep it for a bit longer. My son had his until about 18 months.

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Sometimes baby steps work. Don’t take it totally away. Pick a time and stick with it

Let him throw it away or do the cold turkey.

My son is almost 2 he only gets his when it’s time to for bed and during the day out of sight out of m im nd


Be strong. The first couple days are hard. (4 kids here) but they really do forget about it after a few days… Only my opinion, not trying to get bashed, but I’ve seen kids who continue the pacifier after 1 yr old and their teeth suffered the consequences


Ofc they’re going to cry you’re taking away their comfort either you deal with it or you just let him have the pacifier

Just wait till he can understand. My daughter had just turned 3 and she left them for Santa. He needed them for the babies so she had to give them up to get new toys.

I gave mine a different shape… Gave her her “fix” but gave it up quick cause it wasnt the same. Ex she liked mam so i gave her nuk

Take it away when he’s not using it.

Can you give him something else like a chewy or something to replace pacifier?

I took my daughters away at 2 years old she did cry but then she learned she wasnt going tl get it she stopped

Throw it away. He’ll cry for it a little for a day or two and when he does,tell him it’s nasty and it’s gone in trash. He’ll forget in a day or two. You’ll be glad you did in a few years when you get your dental bill.

When he falls asleep throw it(all) away. When he wakes up its no longer in sight. You and baby have to make do without it. 3 days and he won’t be fussing anymore.

Take away during the day and give it to him at night…Unless u give him a bottle at night then that would be enough…Give him something else to think about during the day…If you let him have it while their teeth is growing they’ll come in crooked

My son was 2 when he stopped using it. After 1 he only had it at naptime bedtime and if he got hurt to calm him. By 2 yrs old he started to forget about it and stopped asking for it himself.

We took our kids away when they both had all their front teeth and first molars, so at around 2yrs old. We did the cold turkey method and never looked back. Just have no binkis in site or it may cause some problems. You could try limiting it to naps and sleep time only at first too. But again, make sure it is hidden…

We got our kids to get them all in a nice bag and put it under xmas tree and they got a prestent from Santa doing that it work