How to wean baby off bottle?

Okay so my 15 month old is still on the bottle but it’s only at night and during naps. He will wake up about every 2 hours and want another bottle to help him go back to sleep. Without any harsh comments, can anyone give me advice to help him sleep through the night and not take a bottle. The only sippy cup he likes is the spoutless ones so it’s hard for him to lay down and drink with that one.


Get rid of all the bottles so they are not an option


Give him water instead of milk after a week he will sleep through

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Just get rid of the bottle, my daughter did the same thing. After 2 nights of waking and wanting it she finally gave up and slept all night until she had her son who does the same thing. Karma

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Music ? Maybe sounds like fan r something to help relax ?

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Switch to water at night, my oldest was just like this, once I gave her the bottle with water, she wanted nothing to do with it. It took a few crying nights, but we got through it. I did the same with my middle daughter. Throw the bottles away so you don’t give in, or he find one.


My little dude would have a snack & bop (bottle) before bed and another when he went down. I used these non spill cups so he could lay down and drink with it… worth a try?


I don’t think a sippy cup should be given to lay down with either.


Have him help you throw them away. If they’re gone u won’t be tempted to give in. I used the 360 with my son to switch him at 11 months and still at almost two he loves them we just upgraded to the bigger ones without handles.

Cold turkey I hate to say it and just get the silicone soft nipple sippy cups that was how I had to do it with my daughter


She wouldn’t drink milk out of sippy cups so I just let mine take the bottle until she no longer wanted it . She was 2.5 and no more bottle weaned herself. Her teeth are fine no cavities.


Sippy cups with the soft tips.

We went cold turkey with my LO, also only likes the spout free cups… with lots of recommendations from different parents we settled on the nuk cup, and have been doing good every since.

Look up night weaning. We merged both styles suggested on the baby sleep site. He doesn’t sleep through the night and his 2 1/2 but he was off the bottle by 12 months.

My twins are 2 and still have to have a bottle (actually sippy cups, but I just call them bottles out of habit) when they go to sleep. They’re just now getting to a point where they will sleep through the night. My best advice, just do what is best for your own baby. My boys doctor told me to take their bottles away at a year old. Took them to their dentist because their doctors argument was it will mess up their teeth (and he said something about them being too dependent on me… he started saying that at 6 months old though). So, I took them to the dentist who is a mother too and said that the bottle is not affecting their teeth and that I should do whatever works for them. So just do whatever works for your kid.

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Get a calendar with the almanac signs on it. When they are in the knees you can wean a baby from the bottle. I’ve never had a baby cry or wake up at night. Especially if you don’t take their pacifier at the same time

How can a baby be too dependent at 6 months. Out of touch doc?

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I used to water the milk down each night till it was water then stopped it.
Its habit thats all

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Each night go 1 oz less milk 1 oz more water. Till it’s full water

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I threw away my daughters bottles before 2 and gave her a cup took her a day to get over the bottle, but she loves her cup.

My son was like his he turned one on the 29th thankfully he didn’t like the bottles much cause we introduced a sippy cup but we gave him a nice big healthy dinner n he would drink from his sippy until it was time for bed (if he wanted his sippy) and I would change him get kisses from me n his dad n i put him down n he sleeps through the night n is happy n as healthy as ever. It’s up to u and your child tbh :slight_smile:

Baby cereal before bed with bottle

Full tummy of food, not liquids, before bed. Baba at bed. Time to try the cry it out. I got lucky. My littlest has been putting herself to sleep and sleeping all night since like 2 months old n she’s now 17 months old. Same thing, only a bottle at naps n bed. She gets up once in a while n fusses but if I don’t give in, she goes back to sleep herself

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Start by putting 1 Oz less in bottle each week. Soon he will realize there’s not much coming and will just gladly take his cup before bed. Give him protein snack and milk before sleep. It’s time to stop bottle due to cavitues. Just maybe have him see you put bottles in trash asuming he knows where the trash is. My grandson did at 10 months ( know where trash was)

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Cold turkey. Hide them all, sell, or throw them away. On my daughters first birthday I took them all away and Gabe her 1 sippy cup. She either was going to use it or be thirsty. She took to it right away though and I know not all kids will. But cold turkey seems like the best way in my eyes

Only give him water at night…because it can cause baby bottle syndrome causing the teeth to rot out making the kids have to get their teeth capped…

Personally we threw out all bottles at 1 year Ns sippy cups at 2 years whether they liked it or not
But you could try the 360 cups

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I switched my boy to sippy cups. He’s almost 3 and still needs it in the middle of the night once or twice.

Feed proper food during the day

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Put cereal in the bottle before bedtime. A full tummy usually ensures they don’t wake up as much. Switch to the Nuby sippies with the rubber nipple.(if they are still around) my son did fine on the transition. But that was 13 years ago…

My son was the same way the ONLY cup that worked was a 360 cup because it needed to be tipped up to drink it. No other cups or sippys worked. However not finding something that worked sooner absolutely ruined my sons teeth unfortunately, so try to do it as quick as you can. My sons 4 and just had 5 teeth removed and 5 capped because of the bottle :disappointed:

My 3yr old loves the spoutless one, she can lay down and drink just finem

Can he be hungry ? Maybe try giving him a snack before bed

360 cups are awesome.

Change to water in the same bootie at night, less interesting and so in time won’t wake up for it . It will be hard for the first week as he will most probably kick up a fuss x

Just saying every kid is different, don’t rush it just like potty training. We just took my kids “sippy cup” away the day he turned 5, it was a comfort thing to him, and more of us not wanting spills, he was old enough where there was no fuss and he understood and made for an easy transition. My almost three year old is just now getting familiar with sippy cups but still uses a bottle for milk and juice, I won’t force her to give up a comfort item because I want her to.


My granddaughter is 2 yrs old and we tried everything she will scream bloody murder for her bottle, I have 3 older grandkids never had a problem with getting them off the bottle

I had a bottle till I was ten it’s not. Big deal, just let him give it up when he wants to. That’s what I’m doing with my son who’s 2.3 years old

My kids were ready to ditch the bottle by 18 months at the latest. You start not having that sippy cup available at all times. And while in the high chair offer drinks but only a sip every once in a while. Food needs to be what they fill up on. Then they can have the remainder of the milk when the meal is over. Then they can have water and alternate with milk, but not a constant keeping the cup filled and at their disposal with milk all day. More food less milk. They are not going to like it that way. They like the steady stream of milk on demand. They don’t need it anymore. Some will refuse the water or demand more milk. Stick it out, the less milk they consume the more they will eat. Weaning and whining go had in hand. It is ridiculous trying to potty train a kid using a sippy cup like they used a bottle.

We had to trash every bottle. They weren’t available.

She still got a sippy, but she had to self cope.

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Water down the bottle more and more at night, he will get hungrier during the day because he is getting less nutrients at night. And they a heavier meal at night before bed. Along with trying other ways to get him to fall asleep, rocking, or self soothing. At this point you are just trying to retrain a habit, you have to replace it with a different habit.
Good luck!

Give him the milk in the sippy and then put him down?