How to wean baby off bottle?

im a first time mom who is currently trying to wean my daughter off her bottle but it seems like she wont drink anything out of her sippy… and if she does she spits it back out, then at night she wakes up and cant go back to sleep without a bottle.(her sucking on the nipple calms her down) im completely lost on how to get her off the bottle. can any mommies give me any advice on how i should go about this???


Just take it and don’t give it back? That’s what we did. After 24 hrs they were over it.


I used this type of cup to transition my boys


Find bottles for weening! There is an amazing one by nuk that I got off amazon and it worked like a charm

My daughter used her bottle until she was 3! It was her comfort item before bed so I didn’t feel like it was necessary to take it away from her. She weaned herself off pretty easily in her own time. I know not the best advice but it worked for me and my little one. Good luck!:relaxed:

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We took our daughters bottle at 1 year. She had the option of a cup or nothing. We literally threw the bottles away. It was a rough 24 hours and we’ve never looked back


Get soft nipple sippy cups like nuk or avent that’s like texture of nipple on bottle it helped two granddaughters switch to cups 8- 9 months ages they did great

My mom told me that my brother literally threw his bottle out the window and that was it.

Water in bottle or less desired drink an more desired like milk in sippy she will eventually give in an want the supply cup but be consistent dont give in.


Give her a sippy cup with a similar nipple but not a bottle nipple durimg the day and once she does well with it just stop with bottles and give her that sippy

That’s her comfort! Let her do it. :heart:


Hate to say this i had to do my 2 year old cold turkey… I should of done it sooner but i felt so bad because the bottle was a comfort thing for her… I will day it sucked at first with a 3 hour all out tantrum but it needed to happen. But I did switch her to the silicone sippy cups and she does drink that before bed but she doesn’t fall asleep with the sippy cup. Sometimes you have to do tough love…


Try The soft nipple sippy cups

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I saw some at Walmart she may take right to those good luck mama

I believe (but everyone to their own), advice given above is good but I don’t think that there’s a big hurry to ween off of a bottle, they will do that in their own time… My son is 15months old, uses a sippy cup with juice during the day and still has his milk bottle before naps and bed… Its probably a comfort thing but I ain’t too worried…


To me a bottle should be done with after 1 year. It messes with the growth of their teeth and does them no benefit. Once they are weaned from formula or breast milk ( by bottle) toss it in the trash. We did a big girl 1st birthday and bottles and pacificers were done.


Nuby makes a transition bottle (think its called the training system or something along those lines) that comes with a traditional nipple and sippy cup nipple, it also has handles u can put on or leave off. They make other sizes where the sippy cup nipple keeps getting shorter. Good luck!

Only give her the bottle at bed times and all during the day a sippy cup. Then over time take the bottle away at nap then finally bed time

We used this with both kiddos and it worked great

When he turned one & his sister was born (a month after) I told my son sippy is for big boys , bottle for baby’s . & it’s been a wrap ever since :woman_shrugging:t4:

We didnt take it away until 15 months. We used a straw compost of the day except naps n bed. Then gradually replaced

Only put water in the bottle. Get the sippy cups that are leak proof and have a nipple like spout.

Dr. Browns has a really nice transition set. It comes with a bottle and a bottle sippy with handles and a set of 4 transition nipples. Each one is a little different until it’s just a sippy cup. It’s been working pretty good with my daughter, she is 19 months today. I change the nipple every 2 weeks, I’ve been doing it slower so she gets used to it.

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I am in the same boat my daughter will be 2 this July and still use a bottle. No matter what kind of sippy cup I buy she won’t use theme at all . And she won’t sleep without her bottle . I am so lost on how to wean her off her bottle

My daughter would drink out of a sippy cup all day long but when it came to her milk, it had to be out of her bottle. She was 2.5 before she finally stopped the bottle. It was a comfort for her and I wasn’t going to take it away from her. She’s 3 and she drinks out of cups all day.

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Nuk soft nipple cups at first and throw away ALL the bottles.

You probably need to start with night weaning. We used the advice of for this part. Next we only took bottles some bottles away. We kept morning, nap, and night time bottles which were milk. In a straw cup (we like nuby for this) we did 7oz water 2oz juice. The straws are silicone and they still have to suck to get the liquid out however it being a straw is better for oral development. Plus mine had an issue about not holding the cup up. So we gave that about a week or until each of them was comfortable then I took the morning bottle away. After we were good there I took the nap bottle away (they just get the straw cup at this time instead of a bottle) and lastly we switch the night bottle to their straw cup (I remove the cups after they fall asleep) sucking is super comforting and the actions of it are very calming for the body.

At around 13 months we started going cold turkey without a bottle during the day and they ONLY got one at night. By any out 15-16 months they were off the night time bottle too

How old is she? Does she have anything else as a comforter?

I started giving my son a sippy periodically around 6 months and of course his normal bottle. Even. If he didnt drink anything from the sippy, just so he could get used to it. By the time he turned 1 he was completely off his bottle and drank everything from his sippy cup.

I have 4 kids one is only 6 months old so of course he is still on the bottle lol but with my first 3 I just threw the bottles away all but one for night time and gave them a sippy cup during the day not the bottle yea it was hard they pitched a fit but eventually when they got thirsty enough they would pick that sippy cup up and drink it and once I noticed they drank from the sippy cup all day that’s when I threw that last bottle away I would only give them at night and started giving them there sippy cup at bedtime also good luck