How to wean from a bottle?

Hello Mamas :two_hearts:
So I’m hoping I’m not the only one with this problem…
My son turned 2 in May and he will not let the bottle go. He ask for warm milk in a bottle when he wakes up, afternoon nap and before bed. (We never take it in public) Also he drinks water from a normal cup sometimes with a straw and sometimes just in a cup with no lid. He recently started liking Paw Patrol so I got him 2 really cool Paw Patrol cups with a lid and stroll for his milk instead of the bottle. I talk to him about it and let him know he’s mamas big boy and these were his new milk cups!! I made it an exciting thing, and he was excited too!
When he saw his warm milk in that cup he flipped out. And he continues to flip out everyday because he wants the milk in a bottle.
I know what your thinking “put the bottle away” I did and I have been enduring the screaming for several days. He does not want the milk in anything other than a bottle.
Lastly he loves his naptime but without the warm milk in a bottle he won’t nap.
Does anyone else’s 2 year old still drink warm milk from a bottle???


We told my youngest about the “bottle fairy”, who takes all the bottles and leaves a toy. He is now the proud owner of a Thomas train track lol. Whatever works.


I would just deal with tantrums. Bottles aren’t good for their teeth, ecspecially if hes napping/going to sleep with them. We had an issue. Idk if he was 2 yet but not easiest transition. He would steal other kids bottles in public :joy::joy::joy:


My daughter was 2 and I just told her that big girls drink out of big girl cups and she took it and threw it in the trash but I think it helped alot that she was around my sisters that were around her age and they didnt have bottles

My son is three and acts the exact same way. I have three kids and they all behave differently. If he wants it, let him have it. Eventually he’ll get over it. Give him dairy/ vitamins in other ways. We only have the bottle at night and if he’s sick & we brush teeth after with our paw patrol electric tooth brush. Sometimes I get him to drink his milk from a normal plastic cup. Some battles aren’t worth having. 2 is still kind of a baby :baby:t2:


I can’t relate to the problem but I think there are battles as parents we have to endure no matter what. I think throwing out the bottles and speaking to him about it in matter in which he can understand will help. They understand more than we think, keep your ground and hopefully soon everything gets better!

Whoops mommy lost all the bottles to the garbage… Thats what I do

Get a bottle that transitions to a soft spout tippy and go slow.

My son was 3 before he gave up warm milk bottles at naptime. The way I finally got him to give it up was talked to him for about 2 weeks beforehand and then he “donated” them to my friends daughter. (She of course was in on the donation and simply tossed them for me!) He only asked one more time after that and I reminded him that we donated to thee baby who really needed them. Worked perfectly.

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I always took it away at a year because I was worried about this. Good luck momma!

If he wants his bottle…he gets it empty…give him milk in a cup. He can get bottle rot. And have his baby teeth pulled. It’s sad, but it happens

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Throw the bottles away. He will drink out of the cup if hes thirtsy

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You gotta keep at it. It can take a couple weeks for him to give up. Be consistent in the cups and do not give in. As for naps my girl stopped napping at 2 so I can’t help you there.

Just don’t give in, he’s used to you giving in that’s why he hasn’t stopped.

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Try putting warm or temp water in a bottle that way he gets the comfort without rotting teeth!

They are only little once. I’d say let him have it eventually he won’t want it anymore

Yes. There’s nothing wrong.