How to wean from a bottle?

Hey mamas! My daughter is 18 months old and still on a bottle​:upside_down_face: Yes, I know I should have taken it away a long time ago but I didn’t realize it was going to be so hard. The past few days, weve caught her pushing her bottle nipple inside of the bottle once she got done. One of those times, she wasnt done a milk spilled all over her bed. At that point, I decided no more bottle. Yesterday, we tried no bottle for her nap and she never went to sleep. Here’s where it’s getting bad. Last night, I put her to bed with a sippy cup with milk instead of her bottle. She wouldnt touch the sippy cup and sat in her bed, throwing herself around, screaming for 2 hours straight. I tried a couple times to get her out and calm her down. She would get out, play, and do the same thing once back in her bed to the point of puffy eyes and having to catch her breath. I finally caved and gave her a bottle and she went right to sleep. I tried again tonight and she did the same exact thing for an hour until I gave her a bottle. I dont know what to do. She has an emotional attachment to her bottle and I cant handle listening to her cry like that for so long. It makes me feel like complete shit. Any advice?:pensive: She cant be on a bottle forever…


Start giving her water in the bottle until she doesn’t want it anymore


Nuby makes a sippy cup that has a nipple to transition them. It was a huge life saver for us with our son because once they got used to the cup with that nipple you switch it out to the normal sippy cup and they’ll just see the cup and think it’s the same half the time.


My baby is 20 months and I tried everything you just said a few months back… and failed… she’s still on the bottle LOL. Mostly just here to see what other say, and you’re not alone :wink:


I wouldn’t worry too much about an 18mth still on a bottle. She is young still. Maybe try again later when she is 2. You can use some of the advice on here in the mean time. Sounds like she cant self soothe yet but she will learn. Hang in there.:slightly_smiling_face:


She will be on a bottle forever, unless you learn to stand your ground

Maybe try giving her a sippy cup with a straw built in.


Do give it away cold Turkey during the day do sippy cups only an at night give her the bottle till she doing really good on sippy cup trust me I went thru the same thing so I know I did the soft sprout cuppy for a little bit after I got rid of bottle then went to hard cup during the day an I didnt have a problem after that hope that works

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Cup at day bottle at night don’t stress and don’t allow yourself to be judged shell give it up when she is ready


U can try a paci but ppl frown apon that as well… I had a special needs son so I let him have it till he was ready he was a little over 2

Try replacing milk with water.

I agree with Georgia Radford. Make her happy. Parents dont have to take bottle away until close r after turning 3. My son is 16 months, i couldnt imagine taking his bottle from him :cry: do whats best for her emotions :wink:

Try the sippy cup but in all reality she’s not gonna have a bottle forever. I would say, if she doesn’t like the soft sippy cup just leave her bottle. Change it to only bedtime and naptime, but others who cares. She’s won’t have it forever. Good luck mama.

I probably can’t give GOOD advice on this, mine never took a bottle or pacifier, but could you possibly replace it with some other type of comfort? A massage with baby lotion to relax her or a new stuffie or something??? I don’t know. I guess that’s what I’d do. But like I said, I have no experience with this.

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I have 4 children. She will leave the bottle when she is ready. Don’t force it.


Stop giving in. That makes you the problem. Of course she’s going to throw a fit, but, she will get over it and learn quickly that it doesn’t get her way. You are the only one that can fix this. Put her down with a bottle of water or juice, put your ear plugs in and go to bed. Works every time.


Try getting a bottle that had the sippy cup tip with it? I had to do that with my second son because he was attached to his bottle as well. For him it was how it felt in his hands. Mams and nuk both have them. I actually just purchased a mams bottle that converts to sippy cup for my 7 months old.


The bottles are okay she said, just daughter pushes the nipple in and milk is spilled. Different kind of bottle and nipple style maybe? I didn’t have that problem so maybe other Mom’s have suggestions? Is the nipple not screwed on with a cap? The nipple on mine were pushed through a cap then screwed on the bottle.

U should just throw away the bottles… let her cry and throw a tantrum…when she gets thirsty enough she’ll drink out of the sippy cup ( I was told that by my children’s doctor)… and you should probably stop teaching her that throwing a tantrum will get her what she wants… once she sees that u won’t give in anymore it will all stop… she keeps doing it because you are allowing the behavior. Also continuing to drink out of a bottle could mess up her teeth… laying down drinking a bottle before bed without brushing teeth after can cause bottle rot … It’ll be a rough couple days but it’ll be worth it… stay strong


Try putting water in it only. Good luck momma!


Most 18 month old don’t eat enough so they need milk to fill their tummies , she’s only a baby .


Have her help mommy. Go out and but the sippy cups with bottle like nipples for the easy transition. Have her throw the old bottles away since she sees the new ones. He is young but at that age my son loved to help

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Throw all the bottles away and don’t give in. May be a week of hell but she’ll survive. She doesn’t need a sippy at night either really.


They are only little once give her the bottle! Eventually she wouldn’t want it anymore

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Well first of all, You shouldn’t probably be putting her to bed with a bottle of milk. It’s not good for their teeth. My son is the same age and he still drinks a bottle but only before bed. He sits on the couch, has his bottle, then we go brush teeth and go to bed. He gets a sippy cup with water in it to take to bed with him.


I just went through this with my son. Try holding her like a baby and giving her the sippy cup of milk. My son refused the cup until I made him take it. After making him take it a few times he finally gave up on fighting for a bottle and will take a sippy cup of milk no problem.

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Sounds like the same deal moms go through when they wean from the breast.
Must be consistent for about a week straight and it’ll get better. Also, never anything in bed but water


She has you trained well lol


Of course she’s gonna throw a fit. It gets her a bottle. If you tell her No Bottle you have to mean it! You are gonna have to listen to her crying for a few nights big she will figure it out.

As long as she sees you keep giving in the longer this process will take for you. Throw the bottles away. If she has to cry herself to sleep then so be it. Changing habits is hard for little ones but they will be ok I promise. I went through this when I had my son stop co sleeping. I felt like shit too but you have to what’s best for them. Bottles are supposed to be gone after 12 months. If you need to get her comfortable with a sippy first then do that. But you’re going to need to break this habit soon so it doesn’t affect her teeth, which I promise you it will. Crying comes with it. Wish you the best of luck.

Your talking about taking the bottle away for 2 days after over giving it bc shes 18 mos.
Its not going to be easy at this point- your going to have have a few wks to a few mos to look forward to this adjustment.
She WILL FIGHT this change.
Dont take her out of the crib when she’s fitting for the bottle. You can soothe her with other distractions or rubbing her head or chest.
Id stop giving her a drink altogether when laying down for bed. She will find that new thing to self soothe- not immediately- typically with babies anytime you take something away it takes time to adjust to the change- but eventually she will find that new thing to self soothe. Just keep at it with laying her dwn and rubbing her head, chest, try to sing, read a book, play music… Anything you can wrk out.

My 18 month old finally got off the bottle at 16 months. Hes my 4th so I admit I was lazy and it was the only thing keeping us both sane but I just stopped giving it to him we had a few awful nights but hes doing good now. Just offer a sippy of water at bed time.

Just start with water in the bottle instead. Buy the soft tip sippy cups that are similar to bottle. You can buy them cheap at Walmart for under $2. You eventually just only need to offer milk during meal time water during day

I let mine watch me throw it away in garbage and watched the garbage truck take it away. Said Gone Gone and he seemed a little sad at times but didnt ask for it


Remove all bottles from your home!


We took hers away but she was maybe 15 months because she didn’t get any teeth till she turned one. We put water in her sippy the first two nights she would throw it around and it was rough for a week. We ended up packing away bottles

Take it away, when she gets thirsty enough she will drink. If not, then so be it.


Its going to be hard! If baby is used to going to bed with a bottle, break the bed bottle first would be my suggestion. It’s very very bad for their teeth. Change the routine. Hold her for the bottle before bed, clean her teeth then lay her down. Each night decrease the amount of milk shes getting. Then switch to a sippy for the evening cuddle and milk. She will get used to not having bottle in bed first then lose the bottle entirely IF you can’t handle the cold turkey method. I know you’re catching a lot of hate here. You can do it slowly as long as you do it. Bottle rot is real.

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Stop giving in! She should be going to sleep with water. Other drinks will rot her teeth. One thing at a time tho. Give her the sippy cup and ignore her fit. I know it’s hard but she knows your watching because when you give in the fit stops. As long as she isn’t choking heaving during the fit she will be fine. Stand your ground because the .is just the tip of the iceberg for future battles. Mine are 19, 20 and 23 years old now. Had to help break granddaughter. We started sippy cups at 6 months and by 10 months no bottle

Let her have the bottle. Only for nap and bedtime.
She is just a little girl. Trust me. She wont go to school with it.

Give her the bottle. Who cares. As long as she doesn’t bring it to school in a few years. Give yourself peace mama.

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The struggle is real! for my son, I didnt just cut him off cold Turkey because it was literally traumatizing my son and myself. I had a professional come in to help me with new ideas to help get rid of the bottle.

  1. Make a very strict bed-time routine, with certain tasks to complete before bed time. (Bath, Potty, brush teeth, pj’s, and book). I also let my son choose the order with bath needing to be the first and book the last.

  2. No MILK ever… luckily my never took to milk. Just water.

  3. Talk to them about the changes that’s going to happen. You may think that small children dont understand what you’re saying. THEY DO! I told my son all the steps. “Okay marcus let try something new… instead of having thia much bottle, were going to only have this much” show them, and make it as non-threatening as possible.

  4. Each week reduce the amount of liquid in the bottle, and find something else that your child is attached to, in order to replace the emotional attachment. A stuffy, a blanket, a story book etc.

Dont rush it, she is still small and I think there needs to be less stigma when it comes to bottles. Parenting, and raising tiny humans is hard. Not one single technique works for every child because each child is unique. I hope you see this, and experiment with the technique I’ve provided. Good luck!!!