How to wean from bottle?

I have started to get my little one to take to a sippy cup. First few days, I offered water in his bottle and only milk in his sippy cup. I knew he loves milk more so I went that route. He is taking to his a lot better than expected. My question is how long does it take to get him to stop biting it to get liquid out. He gets it out fine but I’m curious how long it will take to get him to suck on it. Experience on this? I’ve tried a million straw cups. I believe I have bought every single one. He will not do the straw cups.


Try the Munchkin 360 cup :slight_smile:

When I switched my son of the bottle to a sippy I tried every cup know to man. I tried every straw cup, 360 cup, hard tops you name it I tried it. I did eventually find one he would drink from lol but he also sorta bites the tip to get liquid rather then suck
On it. I remember he would gum the bottles too… that’s why he won’t take any other cups!!! He doesn’t get the concept of having to suck on it the whole time. I’ve tried showing him. I’ve kept trying all the other cups and he still only likes thus one particular sippy. So I’ve been stuck buying them every couple weeks or so because eventually he bites the tip to the point where it leaks bad. He had gotten better about the biting recently but hasn’t completely stopped and still only wants that damn cup. It’s common. My nephew favored one cup also and wouldn’t switch till he started on a normal cup. But it is so frustrating. Good luck!

Whatever cup you give them, they will catch on

I love the 360 cups, when my son was first doing sippy cups, we used hard tops because he used to bite through soft tops

I went to the munchkin weighted straw sippy cups and my girls like them. I tried the 360 cups and they just dont understand them yet.

Be very careful with mold if you get a 360, also I would try to get him to use a small reg cup if he’s having a hard time with straws…

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Either the 360 cup or one that is hard. Then he will have to suck on it.

Water in a bottle is a huge choking hazard momma…


try a training cup or a 360 cup

Ftm to five plus one on the way Water can definitely go in a bottle your baby might be chewing the cup do to teething have you tried the cups with hard spouts sometimes it can help good luck

Use a nipple like trainer like MAM or Nuby they come with bottle nipple and transition nipples! My daughter did they biting thing :woman_facepalming: I gave her every kind of sippy if your child throws down there bottle with any such force 360 cups are not the way to go I have tried all of them what ever liquid is remaining in the lid after drinking will be on the floor

Have him use the 360 cups