How to wean from bottles?

Hey mommy’s good evening! My son will be 18 months on june 10th, i had taken him for his first dentist appoitment two days ago and he has pretty bad teeth on the top due to bottles says the dentist. Wondering how to get him to stop taking bottles. Ive tried sippy cups, cups with straws and regular cups nothing works he refuses to drink. Please give advice with out negativity comments.


Take away the bottle cold turkey offer a soft nipple cup. He will drink it when he gets thirsty enough.


You just have to keep trying different cups until you find one he likes. It takes time, and money, but it’s worth it in the end.
He will get thirsty enough and drink from a cup, just keep offering it to him, take some sips and show him it’s ok. Good luck mama!

I found my daughter likes the cheap sippy cups from walmart withe the soft nipple i took her bottle she eventually and started drinking from a cup

I just told my daughter all her bottles were dirty and she took the sippy and never looked back lol. She was about that age

NUK they r soft nipple sippys they r the only ones my daughter likes

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Just take them and throw them away. He’ll take it because he isnt gonna go thirsty

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Geeezzzzzeeee kids are so spoiled it’s ridiculous! Take the bottle away…you are the boss of that little nugget. Don’t let that kid own you! Lol! Kid will get thirsty and then drink from whatever you put in front of them. It’s a weird concept, I know…


You’ve just got to take the bottle away, for good…Let kiddo know that their a big kid and no longer need it. Get a soft nib sippy cup and let em know That’s their special cup. Be firm but loving…When kiddo get thirsty enough they will drink and eventually give in all together…Good luck.

We had to try so many different kinds. And also had to do the cold turkey method. One kind my last baby loved was one similar to this…

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Cold turkey he will cry at night for a couple of days. It’s hard not to give in, but better in the long run. Good luck Mama.

How is a soft top nipple any diffrent than a bottle… it’s the same thing… it’s more about how long they suck on it… we use 360 cup you drink like a real cup… not sucking like a bottle


I took the bottle away cold turkey n my boyfriends Bede is. One year older and is using sippy cups n my. Son watched him use sippy cups n we showed him how n he caught on at 12 months I would say try the 360 sassy cups my son loves them

Take all bottles away he will eventually take the cup had do it to my daughter she didn’t want give up the bottle eathier. My son winged his self off his thank god but about 7 days n lots pic crying n trying comfort ur baby n he will be winged

Just toss them all. He will get use to not having it and drinking from a sippy cup or whichever u give him. Bottles arent good after a year…when he is thirsty, he will drink. Have NO bottles at all in the home or in any bags. Only cups. It will take a week or two and he will cry. Stick it out and be patient. He will be fine.

Monkey see monkey do. Show him that you drink out of a straw or cup. Try showing him on his sippys. He will get it.

Throw bottles in trash…

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Throw them away period, when he gets thirsty enough he will drink from something else

I used those to transition my daughter. Good luck

Get all the bottles and nipples together and have him throw them in trash can. Praise him greatly when he does. Tell him bottles went bye bye. Then stand your ground with him using a soppy cup. Really stand your ground. You are mom. When he gets thirsty he will drink from soppy. It will be rough for a few days!

Water only in the bottles. Babies put to bed with bottles will rot their teeth. Please stop that practice. The primary teeth hold the spaces for when the permanent ones come in. Prematurely loosing teeth from bottle rot, or sugar and no brushing messes up their entire dental future, that can become quite Costly.

Thanks for the advice ladies! He see’s my 6 year old using cups, but then see’s my 2 month old using bottles :joy_cat: throwing out his bottles today! wish me luck :joy_cat::joy_cat: Cathey Tozer Denise Roberson Trickett Brianna Rose Bates Tanya McMahon Amanda Sugar Angela McHatton Jennifer Hart Swearingen Kelly Landenwitsch Cindy Lee Brittney Bradshaw Samantha Haulotte Sara Metcalf Tami Sneddon Sarah Panattoni Michelle Burnside Nicole Bailey Rachelle Renee Bemis Kourtney Johnson Brittany Durm Elise Danielle Chelsea Lee