How to wean from breastfeeding?

My daughter is 10 months old & I would like to start weaning from breastfeeding. She’s very attached. Won’t go to sleep without breastfeeding. It’s the first thing she wants to do when she sees me. How have you other mommy’s weaned your baby? Was it tough?


Once my son was one I just started letting him cry it out but first I started with day time breast feeding then a few weeks later night feedings both only lasted a few days till he understood what was going on and got the hang of it


You want to do it slowly for your comfort as well as your baby’s comfort. Introduce a cup or bottle during the day and go from there.

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At that age skip bottles and go straight to cups

I would start with mid day times… start by transitioning her to a sippy cup for those feedings. She may need the before bed and early morning breastfeedings for comfort.