How to wean from breastfeeding?

Best ways to transition baby from breastfeeding to formula? Best bottles to use? Also best/easiest formula to transition to? My son is two weeks old and already does NOT want a bottle nor formula. I have come down with mastitis and want to stop breastfeeding. With a prior breastfeeding experience (16 months exclusively) after having mastitis a few times I ended up admitted to the hospital for 4 days from the infection being so bad, I don’t want it to get to that point again. For the sake of my entire family including the other 4 children in the house who need their mom to be healthy and able to care for them, I need to figure out my options! Thanks in advance.

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No need to explain yourself. I would start out pumping, to not let the infection get worse and ease into it. I use Total Comfort Similac formula, which is the only one my daughter could use after breastfeeding. I like Playtex Ventaire or Nurser bottles. They are a lot cheaper than some of the other bottles and good for transitioning from breastfeeding. Good luck.

We use Dr. brown bottles and Enfamil Enspire formula

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Gerber gentle ease, and Tommy tippee

Try enspire by enfamil, the only thing my breastfeeding baby will take. We use avent classic bottles too.

We use enfamil gentlese and Tommee Tippee

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The First Years had a bottle called BreastFlow that my son used.

Try doing half and half bottles of bm and formula as a way to introduce. We used dr browns.

If you have a Costco near you get the Kirkland formula brand. Sooooooooo 1,000,000X worth it


My daughter liked Avent and had enfamil which was hard on her stomach. With my son, I pumped for 2 months and switched to formula. Tried enfamil (neuro-pro in original and gentle ease) which made him cranky, gassy, couldn’t poop and was spitting up like crazy. I found one that’s been great, Happy Baby Organic. He’s pretty much had a bottle since birth and he loves Nuk and Dr. Brown’s.

Start with a gentle formula. It’ll help with the gas bubbles.
Also, a bottle that reduces bubbles. Dr brown bottle are pricey, but work wonderfully (although my daughter still spit up)
The bottle thing is going to be trial and error (unfortunately).
When switching to formula, try not to over feed your baby. They don’t need as much formula or as often. It’ll help with less spit up as well

Similac Total Comfort. And dr browns bottles.

Dr browns are the best