How to wean from breastfeeding?

HI LADIES! I am a second time mama of my 10 month old baby girl and my 8 year old daughter. I am still exclusively nursing my baby, she has refused bottles and pacifiers from day one (so thank goodness I am able to stay at home). Its been a very difficult road but I’m proud that we made it this far! The issue is that I have nursed her to sleep for every nap and every single night since she was born. Now she is so reliant on nursing to sleep that if I get up to go pee or get water she wakes up crying within minutes. This has obviously gotten very demanding, isolating, frustrating and extremely exhausting. The longest I’ve ever been away from her is an hour or so to the grocery store or a PTA meeting. I have to lay with her twice a day for her 1-2 hour naps and then go to bed with her at 730pm while she nurses for hours. I can hear my daughter and her dad hanging out, eating and enjoying each other’s company without me and that kinda sucks. I never get to spend ANY alone time with my husband or my daughter because when the baby’s awake, she is attached to me and when she’s asleep she has to be nursing/comfort sucking. My poor daughter watches YouTube or plays games on her phone while I’m closed off in my room with the baby and I feel guilty. I know this is a problem that I have enabled by nursing her on demand and cosleeping but I’d love some help with ideas and suggestions for gently night weaning and/or sleep training a very boob-dependent, cosleeping baby. I’ve given it all I have for as long as possible, MAMA NEEDS A BREAK