How to wean from breastfeeding?

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-Christy :purple_heart:

I am in need of advice. I have a beautiful 13 month old little princess. She has been EBF her whole life. I am ready to get her weaned. She does wonderful with solids and a cup. It seems like she only nurses for comfort, but she still wants to nurse 6-9 times a day. I have tried a bottle and a pacifier with no luck.

I EBF my son for 19 months toward then end it was only for comfort. So thats when dad stepped in. Every time my son wanted the boob dad would take him an walk away an offer him his sippy. We also did the same for night time but we would off him his sippy (water only) an or his nuk. After a good week or two itโ€™s like he never had it. But since then heโ€™s had a thing where he will stick his hand down my shirt no matter how many time i take it out lol but i believe thats a comfort thing. Knowing that he canโ€™t have it but yet still wants to be close. Good lucky mamma!