How to wean from breastfeeding?

I’m looking for tips and advice for weaning a breastfed toddler that isn’t “cold turkey” weaning. He’s down to only having boob for nap time and bedtime but I can’t seem to get him to budge and I’ve got to be done soon because my doctor is scheduling me for breast reduction surgery soon. Thank you in advance.


Try cutting down the amount of time spent nursing each day. So if you’re nursing 20 minutes cut it to 17 minutes or however much makes you feel comfortable.

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I talked to my 14 month old for 2 weeks every time we nursed. I told her she was a big girl and didn’t need to nurse any more. The last night I reminded her this was the last night and then the next day I just didn’t offer and reminded her she was such a big girl. She got it and didn’t look back. Had my second daughter 2 months later.
I think communication is so important. Our kiddos are way smarter than we give them credit. Good luck!


My son was 18 months when I stopped bf. I started by reducing to naps and bedtime, just like you’re already doing. After a week or so I went to just bedtime. Then I talked to him and told him soon he would have to be a big boy which meant no boobies at night. Giving him a heads up made it easier. At this point its really just a comfort thing for them, so I’d snuggle him at night and let him touch my bare belly. Just having that skin to skin seemed to be all he really needed.
But I was firm bout it. I knew if I ever gave in once, we’d hve to start all over again. It wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it would be.


Put band aids on your nipples am tell them they have " Boo Boos " need to get better .


Thank you all so much! I’m hoping to try all of these and very hopeful that he’ll be give up the boob soon