How to wean from formula?

I don’t know how to do this but I need some other mommy opinions. My son will be 11 months old on May 11th. I gave him a bottle yesterday with 4oz formula and 2 oz whole milk. not long after drinking it he threw up a little milk. I want to start transitioning him to milk so it’s not cold turkey. Do I keep mixing it or do I try other milk? He eats everything including milk in his eggs, grilled cheese and other things with dairy. My daughter ( who has a different father) had to have lactaid milk. could this be the same issue? any other moms who’ve experienced this?


We just swapped straight over. No mixing for us.

This was my post. Did your baby ever throw it up? It wasn’t a lot. I guess you can describe it as a newborn would spit up milk

Same, we switched from formula to milk with no mixing.

Are you genuinely mixing the 2 together? Because if so DO NOT do that!! Just transition him love

My kids just don’t tolerate dairy very well. They are not allergic per se, but they get terribly constipated and my boy gets reflux from cows milk also. We are transitioning to a product called Ripple. But it could be worth trying something lactose or dairy free if it continues to happen.

Formula then when hes due another give cows milk love. Dont mix the two as i bet it taste foul and you wouldnt drink it either x

We did a teaspoon and added another teaspoon every week not to upset his stomach. My stomach spit up milk, not threw it up. If hes throwing it up, just make sure hes not allergic to dairy

I never mixed the two. I just switched over from breastmilk to formula at 9 months and then from formula straight to cow’s milk at 12 months.

I had my daughter over 7 years ago so I don’t remember how I did it with her. I was told by multiple people to mix it to get them used to it so I tried one time and he threw up a little. I will try giving him like 2 oz in a bottle by itself and see how he takes it

So did a straight switch. Did not mix. He never threw up or spit up. Maybe your son did BECAUSE it was mixed?!? I would try the straight switch once and see how he reacts.

If you want to do a less strong milk try him on 1% and work your way up

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I mixed mine for the first 3 increased the amt n yes as their lil bodies adjust to the cows milk it will get easier

It could be that he just isn’t tolerating milk too well. Dairy is such an unhealthy part of diets contrary to what doctors may say. I have learned this and seen the results with my son who is completely diary free and healthier than ever … he drinks water and eats healthy. That’s all they need. Give them calcium supplements if you’re worried about the calcium intake

After the year mark of course… I kept my son on formula until then … took him off at one year and switched to water and foods only.

My son did the same thing with whole milk when I attempted it a few weeks before his birthday. My pediatrician recommended starting with 75% formula and 25% milk and seeing how he tolerated it then slowly start adding more milk and less formula. Now he’s fine on just whole milk.

I mixed it gradually building it up with all 3 of mine. I was advised to each time by Drs and health visitors.

Try goats milk, or almond milk. Goat’s milk is very nutritional.

Dont mix the two. Just give him milk


We just gave the milk…no mixing. We did 2% though…it was easier. We gave just a tiny bit each time and every day i gave just a luttle more in his cup. Worked just fine. No issues.


There actually is NO NEED for milk if he is eating a well balanced diet with dairy products

I just stopped giving formula and made the switch to whole milk. At first I would have to warm the whole milk a little for my daughter to like it :blush:

My eldest couldn’t tolerate whole milk and was sick and bad nappies… doctor suggested going to stage 2 formula for 3 month then stage 3 for 3 months then switch with semi skimmed milk… he was absolutely fine after and has been on it since 18 months old he couldn’t handle too much fat in the milk

Add 10 mls of milk to formula then the next day 20 then the next 30 slowly transition

You should always check with pediatrician for these questions.

Yes that could be a thing! My son was fine eating everything with milk. He are yogurt and ice cream as well. He even ate cereal! But if I gave him a little of whole milk then he threw up everywhere. I had to switch him to lactaid for a while

I was told to mix the milk with water not the formula

With my youngest I switched right over after a few days she broke out into hives. She has a protein allergy. She also pukes with a runny yolk in cooked eggs. She can tolerate cows milk if it’s cooked into foods. So I have her on almond milk which actually also way healthier and provides more calcium! My other 3 kids did fine with milk!

Just give him milk don’t mix them like at lunch or dinner until he is used to it

The transition is hard on their tummies. Try starting with a half an ounce to an ounce at first, and in its own bottle not mixed with the formula. Keep the formula reg.

My son just had formula until his first bday, the night of his first bday, no more bottle, no more formula.

Could be allergic. Get him tested. May need to be on soy milk and vitamins

Michelle Urgelowich I slowly added cows milk to my girls formula from 12 months old cows milk is meant to be introduced I think from memory and every couple of days u reduce the formula to more cows milk until it’s just cows milk my girls two and still likes a bottle at night of cows milk at night u do what u thinks right for u and ur bubba :slight_smile: and my girl loves food as well and she’s only ever had only bottle at night from when she was 8 months old as she’s breast fed as well lol just breast feeding was so hard on me I’ll admit I gave it one bottle at night helped her sleep better other whise she was constantly waking up but yeah that’s what I did

We had to use skim milk for a while and then 2% bc my daughter’s belly could handle it so much but she now drinks whole milk most of the time

I would give him 2% milk and see how he does.

I just switched my son right to milk and had no issues mayb try not mixing just give him on ounce of whole milk with dinner

I just switched right over to milk from formula after my daughter turned one, she also still loved her bottle for bedtime but I switched her over to a sippy with a soft tip and she did fine and drinks it before sleeping. Here’s a pic

Wouldn’t give my kids cow milk. Try almond milk

the better question to answer urs is what kind of formula is he on?..anything soy or low lactose like similac sensitive or similac soy i would try the lactaid. anything else it could just be the first bottle keep trying it. the first one is normal for a little spit up because its a different texture and its thicker than normal formula