How to wean from pacifier?

What is the best & easiest way to get your 1 yr old off the pacifier ? It is literally the ONLY thing that calms her down & it is starting to ruin her teeth. I try to give it to her only when she starts to freak out but she always wants to have it & sometimes when I take it from her she’s ok but other times she starts to freak. Any helpful advice is welcome. Thanks. :blush:


I dont know from personal experience but I heard if you cut the tip of the pacifier they will loose their interest in it :woman_shrugging: sounds like it’s worth a try
good luck :blush:

Starts with. Only when she is sleepy and when she is asleep

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I was told to cut the tip back a little at a time and eventually nothing will be left and they won’t want it anymore.

Might just have to cold turkey her and endure hell week :sob:


I tied my sons to a door knob so if he wanted it he had to stand there. Kind of mean but one day of that he didn’t want it no more. Left it there for another week and he never went back to it.


We took it away during the day and only gave it at nap/sleep time. Then we slowly weaned from it.

Just take it away. She will be over it in no time. We took them away as soon as our boys got teeth in.

Out of sight out of mind. My daughter only gets hers for nap time and bed time ONLY and she has gotten so ok with it. In the morning I’ll ask her for it and she hands it right over. She’s been this way for awhile now and is 2. She never naps so she only gets it at bed time. She also doesn’t get it in the car. Don’t give in. That’s the key. Eventually she will learn she doesn’t need it as much as she thinks she does and she’ll move on.

For both my children i just threw them away…itll b rough for a couple days but cold turkey is the best way to go

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Meh. I would just take it away. She might act like a turd for a few days, but she’ll bounce back

Mine had to give hers to Santa to get new toys. Told her the babies needed them.

My mom took mine away from me when I wasn’t ready and I started sucking my thumb instead and THAT ruined my teeth :woman_facepalming:t2:

My 10 year old only had his until a year old, then we tossed them. He wasn’t as attached as my younger two were.

My 6 yo had his until he was about 3. We took it from him and he did okay until he was hospitalized for breathing problems. After he was released, he decided he no longer wanted it on his own.

My 4 year old had his taken around 3, as well. They got holes in them and we just threw them away and pretended they were lost. He was okay after a couple days.

Make sure you have the right sz! It makes a difference