How to wean from pacifier?

Hi moms! Could really use some advice on weening my little guy off of his soother… He is two years old and loves his soother. I have started taking it away first thing in the morning because he always wants it, and will suck on it all day if I let him. But I worry it’s holding him back from talking. He won’t nap unless he has it, and will not sleep at night without it. It’s almost like a security blanket to him, he pops it out and rubs it on his cheek then sticks it back in to suck on it. Any suggestions as to what maybe worked for your little one would be really appreciated. I’m honestly at a loss as to what the next step is to getting him off of it full time.


dip in pickle juice let dry . or some other flavor he doesn’t like

Just take it away is honestly the best way. While yes it will be hard for the first couple days it does get better.
I’ve seen others who tied it to balloons and let little one send it back to heaven for another baby who needs it. Its a cute idea but not good for environment. Others pop/cut holes in it so that it doesn’t feel right and little one loses interest. This one scares me because of the danger of malfunction due to damage/deterioration.

Start cutting down the nipple on the binky gradually he can still have it,it will just be harder for him to suck on

We put a fairy house up in a tree and hung a little basket, put the dummy in and said the dummy fairy needs them so other babies can have them xx

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We went cold turkey. But i had already stopped giving it to him through out the day. He was only getting it at bed time and nap time

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My son is 14 months and I dread taking it from him as well, which is soon. Right now he only gets it at nap, night, or if he’s just crying and can’t calm down over something. If it’s hid any other time he doesn’t want it unless he sees it. I plan on slowly cutting the end of it when it’s time and maybe he won’t want it anymore. :grimacing:

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My daughter was the same way. I ended up cutting the nipple off and leaving just a little bit and she would hold it in her mouth with her teeth. After about a day or so she decided that was to much work and left them alone.


I might be heartless for this but with both babies at 9 months I threw those suckers away! I didn’t want it to effect their teeth or how quickly they would be talking. Plus at that age its okay to self sooth and after a couple days forget they even had one in the first place. I’m not sure with an older kiddo but for me the cold turkey method worked!

We took the bottle and bunny away at the same time. Switched him to a cup when he was 2 and he hated it at first but it took a night or two and he was over it.

Cut it tell him it’s broken and throw in garbage.

Letting him have it until asleep n take away then ? My one child was like that and it’s hard to break

One time I couldn’t find one and the stores were closed. She cried herself to sleep but then she got over it. It’s only tempting if it’s there I think. Idk but all I know that night was the last night she needed one.

i started cutting pieces off. say the bunny chew on it. few days more…later nothing to suck on. they keep it in their mouth but get tired of it…no sucking…tadaaaa! work like a bomb.

Cold turkey. You may have one or 2 cranky nights but they get over it

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This was my question, thank you everyone for all the tips. I’ve taken it away and tonight will be night one with no soother, wish me luck!


Well my oldest daughter stop her at 6 month old on her own but my son still have his and he’s 8 month old but he do not have it all day or night either

My son never took one from day one but my daughter who is 3 she loved it and always wanted it…I literally just took it and threw them all out it took only about 2 days for her realize she wasn’t getting it back she cried herself to sleep and was over it pretty quick but my best friend she cut the sucky part off and since there wasn’t really anything to suck on her daughter didn’t want it… With it being a security thing my daughter switched from the bink to just wanting her pillow with HER pillow case on it… It has to have her pillow case or she’s not happy… But just take it, Kids adapt quickly you just need the patients for a couple days to let them fuss that’s the hardest part , just letting them cry it out …well for me it was anyways

Took my sons away at 10 months and just never gave it back, done. No issue, they whine and Cry a bit but get over it after a few days


We did it cold turkey at 9/10 months.
Cut it up. Its broken he won’t want it

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Make it magical and tell him they are for babies and let him put them in a box or bag to give to the little babies who need them . Reward him with lots of cuddles and a new big boy item . Let him see you put the box in the mailbox to ship to the babies and then let him find his reward in the mailbox the next day

If he needs soothing for sleep time try some classical music, a warm bath, new pajamas , an extra bedtime story :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Throw them all away and tell him they are for babies and since he is a big boy he does not need it! As old as he is he should be able to understand. It is most likely hindering his speech and destroying tooth placement. It might take a few days of him asking for it and struggling to sleep but if you remove them all from the home you cannot cave and give it and it will be done and over with in a matter of a few days.

You just got to take it away. And never give it back. You have to stay committed, strong, and let him cry for it for about a week or so than it will be a distant memory.

Just say it is lost. Look for it with him, then take a break for a treat together. Leave the house to do something together. When he asks for it, remind him that you looked for it together and could not find it. Tell him big boys Never have one. Go out and let him choose a little truck or bus to play with. He can carry it around for security. If doors open and wheels turn, he will occcupy himself with it. Dump trucks seem to be the most popular.if he starts tomcry for it, simply tell him that will not do. Big boys do not cry over such things, and he will not be able to look for it later through tears. Tell him he will be okay. Ice cream always fixes everything. Pretty soon, he will forget it. This must be taken from him, but, substitute something else. You might even take him to the Children’s Museum and tell him that babies cannot go, only big boys and girls. (Hopefully, no other mother will have their walking child there with one of those things in its mouth.):grimacing:

Cut piece off or put food color on it but first try to take it away all day and give it back when he sleeps