How to wean from pacifier?

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Mamas I need help. I should have done this sooner but didn’t, so please dont tell me what I should have done.
My daughter turned 2 back in March and still uses her binky at bed time. Well I told her once she looses all of her binkies I’m not buying more. So tonight we looked everywhere and I can’t find it. So I put her to bed without it. She’s been screaming bloody murder for the last half hour. I’ve gone back in twice and tried to quiet her down and tuck her back in (she never fights me) but she is tonight! What can I do?


Tell her it went to binky land

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This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I let my son keep his for as long as he felt like he needed it for comfort… he was 3, almost 4 before he didn’t cry for it. And It didn’t harm his teeth.


My mom did the “binky fairy” like the tooth fairy and she put a movie under the pillow for us to wake to. That worked for us!


I mean unless she cries till she throws up. Maybe slowly try to take it away. Kids don’t understand like we do about things. So try slowly doing it till eventually she doesn’t cry for it anymore

Tell her the binky fairy took them bc shes a big girl now and only babies are allowed to have binkies

Your doing good hang in there hun!!

I googled ways to get rid of my 3 year olds dummy and the only one that worked was to not take her dummy from her but to snip little holes in them so they deflated every time she sucked on them and it was no longer a comfort sucking on a deflated dummy. It took two days and she just didn’t want it anymore.


This is how my oldest got off his pacifier. He lost the last one and it was hard for a few days especially at nap and bedtime. Stick with it and do not give in. She will tire and fall asleep be prepared for her to be restless though. It will last a few nights then you will be paci free.

Not to worry our youngest had her binkey until she was six. She’s ADHD come home from school and needed binkey OK
When she was six ,it smelled very bad, we boiled it everything, she came home from school we shamed her as a family.
Made her smell it, yuk,she threw it in the trash. The end

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Girl we had the same thing happen! So I took advantage of it! First night was BAD!! But it got easier

Only way i could get my daughter to drop the binky was patience. Itll take a couple days but stay strong!

Honestly just deal with it. Itll be hard. I never gave mine one.

Longest two days of my life after I pitched the binky out the car window! But he survived and I survived and it is a funny story to tell now.

It will be a hard few nights but stay strong.:cry:good luck

Something to chew on I use silicone Lego chewies to satisfy my Lil’s sensory need… Something similar in texture to the binky. Or a sippy cup with water… Good luck momma

I lucked out. My daughter kept losing her binkies and it drove me nuts. So I took it all away but felt horrible about it. I gave in and gave her 4 binkies. I told her if she loses them all then that’s it. She didn’t lose any of them for 1.5 month. She just so happened to flush one down the toilet. Well, you made binky go bye bye so that’s it. She just accepted it. She kept bringing it up for a good 2 months and I would just remind her that she flushed it down the toilet so that’s it, no more binky.

One of my friends said she just let her son cried it out. Took him two weeks to stop. I guess eventually they just get over it.

So either just suck it up now or give in and wait it out until she makes the decision to give it up.

She’ll cry for few days. Suck it up. And shell forget about it. We did that at 10months.

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Wow …sorry i thought u meant a blanket…my bad.:open_mouth:

My 1st son had his binky until a month before he turned 3. Santa came and traded them for toys and gave them to the babies that needed them. :blush:

My daughter fell asleep with hers at 15 months and I never gave it back and got rid of the ones I had. It’s hard. But after a day or two she will forget.

Let her cry it out its hard but you gotta break it some time hang in there your half way there

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Everyday will get easier. It only took us 3 days of crying before he was fine going to bed without it.

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Jus have to push thru w out it. She will get used to it. Jus stay strong & don’t give in!

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Can someone tell me when it is reccomended to stop using a paci? Since we’re on the topic lol :sweat_smile:

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luckily my daughter chewed a hole in hers and threw it away all by herself and never asked for another… and my twin boys lost 4 binkies at the zoo one day and I just refused to buy more so they had no choice. luckily none of mine cried like that. my one son cried for 2 nights but it really helped him be comfortable because he was on heart monitors while sleeping. but he still did ok

Go take a shower to relax yourself. Let her be upset you can try a sippy with a small amout of water if you are completely done emotionally (I get it) so she has an oral fixation.

I know this is not what you want to do but, maybe buy (if you can’t find) ONE last one but cut the tip of it off… I’ve seen where a lot of people have good luck with that to get their kids off of them.

I live in NZ so can you please tell me wtf is a binky and a paci?

Replace with a special sleep buddy like stuffed animal

My son is 3 and still uses them… I told him once he lost them all there wouldn’t be anymore but of course his father went and bought more… I was told once they are ready they will get rid of them on their own… she is still young most dentists will say until the age of 3 it’s her comfort item it’s like telling an older child they can’t sleep with a stuff animal anymore it’s their comfort

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My daughter screamed bloody murder too I took hers away a few months ago the only thing that worked for me was letting her sleep with me she did wake up in middle of night looking for it she eventually fell back asleep the next night was s little easier and so on it gets easier i would also worry about her finding it lol I didn’t have a hard time taking the bottle away I just threw them all away lol I know it’s not always that easy

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Let her cry. Check on her periodically. N let her cry. I know it’s rough and heartbreaking but it’ll be worth it. The first 3 days are the hardest. After that it’s smooth sailing.


It took us a rough two weeks… but after that it was fine. I took them all from her the day she turned 2. Just gonna have to tough it out :confused:

I broke mine at 2 (same predicament, I needed to break her sooner lol) but I’m pregnant so I told her her little sissy needed them more. She hasn’t asked for one in 4 months. We had to cry it out alittle bit at bed time but she adjusted!

I just took his away (when he was 2) but I told him he was a big boy now. I pointed out how some other kids he knew didn’t use one. That day I gave him a “lovie”. It’s literally a stuffed rooster. We named it, Rooster Rooster. He’s 3 now and still sleeps with it every night. Good luck momma. You got this!


We packed ours up for the Easter Bunny and she got a special reward Easter morning - never cried - all good

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She’ll be fine. You on the other hand might lose sleep for a couple nights.


Tell her to find it because you cant .its gone gone. I was lucky I had mine put theirs in the trash outside for the trash man. They were obsessed watching the trash man come to the yard at breakfast time. So it was believable to them.

We had the pacifiers that you can stick your finger in the back( sorry i dont remember the name) once my lil one was 1 1/2 i cut a lil hole in it so there was no more suction and she couldnt keep it in her mouth and she stopped using one and trying to hold it in 3 times

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Well my first and my last never like it but my middle child did but unfortunately for her and fortunately for me she liked only one and a gat so old one night a just broke of course hade one hired for her just in case a looks the same but a wosent as use as the other one so she did not like it she did cry for a night or 2 she was only 18 months she was fine after that

You just gotta ride it out. It’s gonna take a few days

Stay strong or it’ll never get better. YOU are the parent and in charge, not her

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You should’ve been cutting the tip of the binky shorter and shorter until she stopped

Let her cry about it. She’s fine


I don’t have the patience. I’d be heading out and buying another one!! Sorry I’m no help, I’m to soft :grimacing:


We told ours that the binky fairy came and took it to give it to a baby who needed it.

When I was getting my daughter off her paci I told her babysitter warning she may cry a lot today we’re taking the paci away. When I got there to pick her up she had a ring pop in her mouth. The babysitter told me that she told my daughter(as good as she could lol) if she kept using the “paci” it would disappear. When it was gone we threw it away and she didn’t want a paci anymore. It was awesome lol. I hope my son is as easy to break from it as she was.


When my son was younger he wouldn’t take one at all but he loved ice…so we filled ziplock bags with ice & it calmed him…also, try putting on one of those sound machines or there’s an app…either way it will be ok! Sometimes it’s just best to let them cry it out. Grab you some ear plugs & a book it’s going to be a long night!

Wet semi frozen wash rag

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Well you can loose this battle and give her a kinky or win by letting her cry it out. That’s how I broke my son and later my grandson. I know it breaks your heart and it makes you feel like crying too and you feel so mean. But she will get over it.There is no sch thing as an easy stop. She is as addictiedto the bunny as adults are caffeine and nicotine. Cold turkey is the way to go.

Hang in there, she will be fine

Maybe stay with her until she falls asleep? And find a gift for her giving up (understandably not voluntarily) her binkies tomorrow or another day?

PS you’re not a bad mom for waiting until now to stop something. We are all doing the best we can. You’re doing a good job!


I put my 3 year olds dummy on the tree and said the fairies needed it an in return they would leave a small gift so I left a plush toy of tinker bell she loved it an solved the no dummy situation


My girl was almost 4 - it was such a crutch for her. We gave hers to Santa - 3 nights of hell and it was over. Good luck mama it won’t last forever

Well going against all on here I’d give her her soother … they grow out of it themselves eventually or at the right time talk to her about taking something else as a comforter instead and throwing the soothers out. I went for one of my old shirts that was soft 100% cotton - the big girl comfy that smells like mummy. But I didn’t do that until they were starting nursery at 3 1/2.
I didn’t care what others said, I was more concerned with how my sons and daughter were and what they felt. When we made the decision to move up from the soothers to comfies they put the soothers in the bin… sorted without trauma to them or me :blush:


My son was 3. Don’t sweat it. Soothe her, sing to her, rock her. She is dealing with losing her tool she used to self soothe. Lots of love for her.

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Mine started sucking his thumb. If u have a old bottle give her the top. It’s their way to soothe themselves

It took my grandson 3-4 nights of crying without his pacifier

Hold her, go get her another blinky


Is she grinding her teeth in her sleep?

Buy her a binky. That’s mean

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You can tell her the binky fairy came to take it to babies that need them and have the fairy leave her a big girl gift. And tell her the fairy leaves a present for big girls who don’t use their binkie. Works like a charm. Your doing right by not getting her more its so bad for baby teeth. Hang in there u got this. Maybe find another comforting item


3 nights & she’ll be ok


Just let her cry it out. She will get tired and sleep. She will get over the binkie.

My youngest son used one but got rid of his by himself by the time he was three. My oldest son didn’t like them

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Go buy one. She should not go to bed upset. Safety pin one to a blanket. She will give it up when she’s ready.


Let her cry it out. In a couple of nights the crying will be less and she’ll go to sleep without it.


She still needs her blankie. Probably more so when new baby comes. It’s security!

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Spank her bottom put her back to bed.if you can’t control her now you’re in for a lot of trouble


There’s really nothing to do unfortunately. I broke my oldest of his at 3yo and it was PURE HELL, by day 3 he was okay without it. No more tears :slightly_smiling_face:


Get the child her Binky. Let them be the babies that they are. That is their comfort. It does nothing to hamper their growth, look or intelligence. The only thing it does is bring comfort to a child and encourage others, who have no business to be in how you raise your child, to tell you it is time for her to outgrow Binky. We want them to grow up so fast by age appropriation until they are in their teens, then we tell them they are not old enough. Get the child her Binky and keep a few extra one at hand.


I replaced our passy with a cuddle object. Doll, blanket, and my personal favorite was the dinosaur my son had to have. I had a friend in high school that had a bear I repaired idk how many times.

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A few days and it will be over momma! Be strong


They have them that attach to clothing. I would get a couple of those. My son never used one. My little sister used her two front fingers to suck on. Even with teeth she did. When the calous started to bleed she would switch to her other hand. We didn’t have binky’s then. Give your sweetheart the binky for soothing at night. It will drop out of her mouth when she is asleep. . .


She’ll get over it my son was the same when I took him off the bottle maybe 3 days of crying and it got over it, it’s been almost a year, thank god I did because that’s horrible for their teeth at night.

Do not spank her. Love her, console her and tell her you are sorry she lost her passey. Tell her she is a big girl now.


Maybe write a sparkly letter from the tooth fairy that says she came by to get it for another baby now that shes a big girl? Could give her a little “big girl” treasure or something too

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My son has his utill he was four. Mostly at night. A few weeks ago he wouldnt sleep and not feeling well i knew were a binki at and gave it to him. Since he dont get his binki he sucks his finger when he needs the comforter his binki gave him. I would give it to her

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My daughter lost hers and knowing she had that extra need to suck I went at 2am in my fuzzy robe and bunny slippers dropped about 20 binkies on the checkout counter and four women gave me the
" knowing nod" …she gave it up on her own around 3 or so. Always had a huge supply after that night!

I would just continue with what you are doing. Keep going in every little while to comfort her and putting her back to bed. It may take a night or two but she will get over it. Maybe try explaining to her again why it’s gone.

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Just get it over with now. Let her cry. In a few days she will forget she ever had a bink


One of my (4) kids had a binky till she was 3+yes old, about of people sure had opinions about that, holy! She turned out just fine, no buck teeth, it was a security thing, didn’t hurt any body, they’re little for such a short time, in the big picture of life- why do you care what other people think? That’s what I asked myself, made my decision easy… just sayin…

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Just let her have the pacifier. She will eventually stop using it. It is a security thing that is comforting to her. Be glad she is not a thumb/ finger sucker.

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To soon gotta wein her off dollar tree a dollar if u twke off to soon she might stsrt sucking her thumb

My kids dentist said to lose it when they got teeth. She told me as they grow, it can shift their teeth, even the permanent ones.
So, massive dental bill or a few nights of an upset kid? Lol
My kids stopped at about 8 mons. After a few nights, they were fine. It’s not fun, but they can overcome it. :green_heart:

They can go up to 4 years of age

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They will put them down on there own I took my babys away before she was ready and she sucked her thumb now that was hard to break

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Mine had a binky til around 3. I figured if they were going to suck on something, i would rather it was something i could take.

mine had hers till almost 3… she had ear infections and didn’t get tubes for way longer than she due to not having enough infections in time frame… the sucking helped with pain… well we got a puppy and the puppy kept losing them… welp I told her store didn’t have them… we ended up finding 6 months later… out of sight out of mind with her after that… but always remember… that’s your child… your the only one that has to go thru the tantrums so just do this :fu::fu: to them perfect by the book moms…

My sis boys loved their binkys!! Had them till three or so. They were so attached! Her oldest one hid his behind fence post in pasture to keep my sis from finding it!! That being said…both of her boys had several years of speech therapy in school…when teeth come in…its time to let it go…

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Don’t be a shitty mom and get her a binky

Do not buy any more she has to get used to going without it she will ruin her teeth from it

Let her cry it out. If you keep going in she’ll think everytime she screams you’ll be in to tend to her every single time

Let her cry it out take in some water and soothe her binky is gone be done with it

If u have bottles take the nipple out and stuff it with Kleenex helps if she’s really upset and sobbing…I had to do that with one of mine didn’t like it as much but it helped

Tell her the binky (or whatever you call it) fairy came and left her a toy instead.

My grandson slept with his dummy until 7, he’s a fine young sportsman now with perfect teeth🤣

My nephew took his to school my sister inlaw used to cut a peice off it everyday untill it was gone