How to wean from sippy cup?

Hi! I’m a FTM of a beautiful 18 month old little boy who we are adopting. Unfortunately I did one of the things I said I NEVER would. Around a year old I started letting him take his sippy cup to bed. I’m fully aware of all the reasons you should never do this. Now I’m looking to stop this habit without it being a traumatic experience. He’s always went to bed with his cup and put himself to sleep. Any advice?


I had this problem with my 2 year old son. So I started giving him a cup of milk in sippy cup around 720pm. It took time but now he goes to bed with out his cup.

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We went through this with my youngest… We still let him take his cup with him to sleep we just put water in it… After a few weeks of having just water in it he didn’t want to take it to sleep anymore…


I don’t see anything wrong with it. :woman_shrugging:

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Maybe give him something to drink right before you put him down. Or put water in it. It’s going to take some time but he will eventually learn to fall asleep without it.

Change it to water and slowly reduce the amount of liquid until he only has a sip when he is first put down. Then he will be willing to just give it up.

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Only put water in it then it will never be an issue

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Just take it away or only put water.

My son is 19 months and takes a cup of water to bed. We drink water when we wake up so I’m not going to tell him to be thirsty all night.

I mean, honestly, if you brush his teeth and give him water, i personally dont think it would hurt. Its a comfort, and he’s so young, i would worry about this at around two… MAYBE


My ex and I adopted our son at 18mos and due to his previous trauma I did allow him to go to sleep with his sippy. He gave it up on his own about 6mos later.

Is it only water? Then I wouldn’t worry about it. How many people keep water next to their bed overnight.

If it’s water it shouldn’t hurt

I switched my son to water in the sippy, then water in a sports bottle by his bed

My daughter is 2.5 and still takes her cup to bed. She rarely takes any sips…it’s more of a comfort thing she likes it snuggled next to her or right on her night stand. She used to drink it a lot but since being potty trained she likes to stay dry so she only has a sip or two if anything and puts it aside. Sometimes she will wake in the night and be thirsty…just like we do…so I don’t mind her having access to it.

My my. Water. Let it be. He will give it up eventually. If he doesn’t could it really matter. No juice though.

My 19M old daughter won’t drink milk for nothing lol but she’ll drink water out of her sippy cup all day long. She goes to bed with it. Just water and it won’t matter until you start potty training lol

I started bringing my son to bed without one and when hed ask for it, id tell him id go get it but to stay in bed
Then i wouldnt bring him a cup

Maybe gradually reduce the amount of milk in the cup until it’s just an empty cup he’s holding onto? My 23mo is on a strict no liquid after 7 rule as we’re aiming to start potty training soon. Not that you can explain that to an 18mo, lol :laughing: maybe even try changing up the bedtime routine to include teeth brushing. The taste of the training toothpaste might make him forget all about that cup o’ milk! Good luck!

We had to break my daughter of that once she started getting teeth. We put water in and it was a rough week but we had to let her cry it out because I didn’t want to risk the milk rotten her teeth out like my one sister when she was a baby

Water in it and have a binky nearby.