How to wean from the bottle?

I have a 17 month, im having a hard time getting her to stop using the bottle. Any ideas or trick on how to make it easier?


There’s a cup I think made by Nuby that helps in transitioning from the bottle to a sippy cup

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She still young …she will leave the bottle when she is ready

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She has teeth hopefully right? Just introduce sippy cups, when they have no choice they will adapt. I take bottles away at 6 months and a couple times used the sippy cups with nipples similar to a bottle. But if your kid has teeth the nipples aren’t good for their teeth. Just use a straw sippy if they know how to suck out of a straw or a hard tip sippy.

Sippy cup they have all different stages

i just threw all my oldest sons bottles away one day when he was about a year old and replaced them with sippy cups with his favorite characters. my 2 year old was breastfed, still has the boob for bedtime and naps, and im having a way harder time getting him off me, since i cant just throw my boobs away. lmfao but im due for my 3rd baby next month and she will be bottle fed because as much as love the bond my son and i have. i literally have no me time hes way to attached. totally went off topic but good luck lol

In extreme cases some people use vinegar. A pediatrician told my cousin to use it and it worked

My daughter got her baby girl a cup with a silicone spout and she calls it her bottle.

Cold Turkey…offer sippy cup every time I work in Daycare I have for 30 yrs. When they move up from Infant Rm. To Toddler Room no more Bottles…other kids r mobile …germs…spills etc. Mom’s bring sippy cups and it’s pretty much smooth sailing…if you keep up the consistency and repetition daily they will take it bcuz that’s all there is don’t let them see a bottle…Good Luck

If she is using it for mainly chewing from teething I would get a soft top sippy and let her use that during day and hard top for night time use. That way it won’t leak all over her crib

Try the 360 cups… i just flat out stopped giving my children bottles around 9-12 months and they got used to it pretty quickly when they realized bottles were no longer an option

I just stopped the bottle and gave her a sippy cup. My daughter was fine with it.

I have that sm same problem but he 2 now so i gotta figure something out

I bought a cup that had a lid kind of like a bottle and it made it alot easier. I don’t remember the brand, though.

Just throw it away. Give her a sippy cup. I threw all bottles away the day my kids turned a year old. BUT they’d also had sippy cups since 6 months old so they didn’t miss the bottle at all.

All my babies lost their bottles the day after their first birthday . They get used to a cup pretty fast when it’s all that’s offered to drink .

Take it away,child will eat when it’s hungry,buy earplugs

I have 4 kids. They are 24, 22, 20 and 15. All of them except my youngest child took a bottle beyond that age and none of them have a lisp or bad teeth because of it. However, eventually your baby needs to come off of the bottle. Assuming there are still sippy cups try that. Also, we taught our kids to drink through a straw by sticking the straw in the drink, putting our finger on the top (to hold the liquid) and releasing it into the baby’s mouth. We did this over and over again and eventually they learned how to drink from a straw.

Just switch to a sippy cup. I did it with five kids never had a problem. They were allowed to go one year with a bottle that’s it. I did introduce them to a cup prior. Switched to a sippy cup on their first birthday. Don’t give in and give the bottle back ever especially at bedtime that’s where the problems start. The Munchkin 360 sippy cups are great the trainer ones help with grip. Then the metal ones are more sturdy.

my neighbours kid finally stopped sucking the bottle when kids (4yrs old) made fun of him…the problem with kids sucking the bottle too long is when the adult teeth start coming (they starting forming at approximately age 2 yrs old) in ,the pressure of the bottle nipple pushes on the permanent teeth( just forming )and, putting them out of place and it becomes a real orthodontist problem…and a costly one. When I was a practicing dental assistant, the dentist I worked for did orthodontic work, and it is painful for the child, the braces move the teeth into place and it is done by pressure, it hurts…not intolerable, but hurts!! The is no need to allow this to happen…go to a dentist now, check out what I am telling you!!!

Get a silly cup with a straw. That’s how I got mine off cause he thought he had a big boy cup with his own straw.

My kids got the soft tip sippy cups at 6 months. And I threw all the bottles in the garbage

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I gave my daughters sippy cups and threw out the bottles

I used these for my kids at 11 mons. They have to “suck” on it like a bottle so they had no problem leaving the bottle.


Get the Nuby transition sippy cup my daughter did great we threw out her bottles the next day and haven’t had any problems (she’s 14months )

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I would like to say to use caution durring this heat children can get dehydrated very easy and they can have strokes my granddaughter did last year 3 days after her 3rd birthday. I would offer her milk and juice in a cup and water in her bottle. It’s too hot to take chances. Hydrate even if it’s her bottle…Good Luck…


I just took my daughter’s bottle alway at 1. It was tough for a few days , but we got by.

Get rid of the bottles and only offer cups

I hate all these cold turkey, just throw it away comments.

All babies are different. Some struggle with transition more then others. If you aren’t here to offer reliable advise then just don’t comment? Babies can be stubborn and we don’t want our babies getting dehydrated. I’m in the same boat with my 12 month old, just hang it there and keep trying, try a silicone nipple sippy I feel those are easier to transition to.


At 13 months I threw away every bottle and bought some Nuby transition cups, she never missed a beat! And now 360 cups are her favorite at 18 months. Best of luck :purple_heart:


Throw it away and move on with life


Just throw them away. Get sippy cups or 360 cups.

I 9nly let my 15mnthnold have a bottle at sleep time and at night he usually doesn’t want it whenever he wakes up

Throw them all away and I will tell you there will be crying and screaming for a few nights and days maybe even a week but she will be ok!!!don’t give in

Just take it away. Throw all the bottles away and she won’t have a choice but to use a sippy cup

I know it’s hard but cold Turkey is the most effective imo. When your babies thirsty they will drink out of whatever they can as rude as that sounds

I used the nuk soft spout learning sippy cup through the day and then eventually replaced his bottles with the nuk transitional bottle that has the same nipples as the sippy. My son didn’t even care.

Cold Turkey is not a good idea in my opinion during the summer heat. Dehydration is no joke. I would do half and half for a while. My granddaughter has done great with straw cups (14m) Contigo makes a great spill proof version that she loves and is making her transition easier. However, we still offer her her bottle to be sure she’s getting fluids. She’s starting to prefer her cup… so the slow transition is working for us. Good luck!!!

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Throw all the bottles in the trash and don’t look back.

We went to soft nipple cups and then to actually sippy cups and then she was off the soft nipple cups within a few months and don’t quit cold turkey because that’s asking for baby to get dehydrated if they hate sippies

Just stop the bottle point blank and hit the sippy cup with a soft spout

It sounds harsh, but just take them away. I also have a 17 month old & she literally didn’t even care when I did. She was only using bottles because hubby & I kept giving them to her.
What I did before I took them away though was I took her to Walmart. I let her down in the sippy cup aisle & said, “Okay, you’re a big girl now. That means it’s time for a big girl cup. Pick which ever one you want & you can have it.” She picked a 2 pack of Nuk brand sippy cups & that’s the ones she uses. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Embarrass her, tell her babies drink a bottle and big girls drink out of a glass

We used the soft spout sippy cup nuk makes

I threw them in the garbage. Just like the pacifier, out of sight out of mind.

Take it and throw it away and let her cry

Just get give her a bottle at night when she goes to sleep and during the day give her a Nuby transition cup. That’s what I did with my kids it worked.

I put water only in ours. He gave it up within a week

Cut the nipples so they dont work right and have your lil one toss the broken bottles out… When its their choice there is less crying

Juat don’t give her one… & don’t give in.

Simply take it away and deal with the crying and tantrums for the next 3 days.

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Don’t make a big deal of it. Just do it

We had to just flat out dispose of all of them and after 3 days or so he stopped melting down and took a cup. Mine has medical issues that meant he still needed formula so “starving him out” wasn’t really an option but we made it work and after 3 days or so he started taking a cup. Current baby is 2 months old and we will transition to cup at 6 months per pediatrician and just stick with it so we don’t have the battle as she gets older.

My son had a hard time letting his go too. My daughter just took right to a cup when we switched to whole milk at 12 months. My son took a little longer. Eventually you just have to get rid of the bottles and keep offering a cup. Find one that he likes the most and keep offering it.

Let him pick some different sippy cups at the store, let him pour whats in the bottle into the cup, then you pretend to try it, with much laughter and joy, and then its his turn to try it. Have him throw out the bottle in trash. [grab it hide] or he’ll come back for it.

Throw them away. It works every time

We started with a sippy during the day and a bottle for naps or at night. My son always chewed off the tops of the soft kinds so he gets the hard topped ones.