How to wean from the pacifier?

Did any of you cut the tip of your childs pacifier to try to break them of it? Did it work? How long did it take? Did they still want it even though it was “broken”? My daughter could care less that she isn’t able to suck it anymore, she still wants it in her mouth. Is this just part of the process or am I screwed lol…I also wouldn’t mind hearing other methods that worked for you. She’s 2 years and 3 months and it needs to go! Help me!


My mom did that with me. It was the only way she was able to break me of my pacifier phase

The binky fairy took my kids pacifiers. Quickest way to do it

Oldest threw his off the tram at Disneyland at 5 months old. Youngest gave his to the dog :joy:. I guess I had it easy lol.

I just made my daughter quite cold turkey. I just threw all of then in the trash. She was really fussy for the first few days but then she woke up one morning and it’s like she forgot all about them

I had my daughter throw them away and say bye bye. She had her moments but it worked for her

She’s old enough to understand about trash and gross things so I would have her help you fill a jar or a clear container and then have her throw them away and say bye bye.

I just threw my kid’s in the trash. Lol. Luckily neither one was extremely attached to it

Just take them and throw them all away. The first couple of days will be a little tough but a child over 2 shouldn’t have a pacifier to begin with


We started by limiting it to bed and naps. Telling them big boys (or girls) don’t need binks they are yucky. Let them throw them away. The first couple nights were rough, but they got over it. They were also blanket lovers. So then having that special blanket helped.

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I did it and it only took a few days and he didn’t want them anymore…

My friend tried cold turkey with her 2 year old and it was hell. My daughter puts her in the mailbox so ‘the mailman can take them to the hospital for the little babies. We do 1 or 2 at a time, still got a few since ive been slacking lately but she loves to make a card and put it in an envelope with her pacies for the little babies in the hospital’…


I threw my daughters away she was about a year when I did it she was really fussy but after a few days she was fine just get her to throw them away & say bye bye or throw them away when she’s sleeping & tell her the binkie fairy took them & gave them to other kids lol

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Mine literally just threw hers out the car window at like 6 months. Never had to use it again. But I’ve heard just taking them away is best. Out of sight out of mind


My 1st we quit cold turkey. My 2nd threw hers in the trash when daddy handed her a Hershey kiss. Both were about 18 months.

I never cut off the tip. When my son was ready he stopped. He was around 3 years old. He turned out amazing and kids sometimes need to suck their thumbs or pacifiers.

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My girls gave theirs up no problem at 1. My son, however, was a few months after turning 2 before he quit. He bit a hole in his, after losing about 3 others, I refused to buy any more. He quit putting it in his mouth and just wanted to hold it, eventually he lost it somewhere along the way and forgot all about it.

We threw ours over the fence and told the kids the cows ate it… Never asked for it again :joy::joy:

It’s easy for us to judge. But, it’s also rude and uncalled for. This mom already knows it needs to go. She said so herself. Good luck, mom.


Girl just get rid of it. It might be 2-3 days of chaos but you’ll get through it.

I pulled them at 12 months. They whined for a day or 2 but it wasn’t awful. Cold turkey is the way to go.

Best of luck! Damn binkies :roll_eyes:

We gave my daughters binka to the binka fairys. For all the new babies. Lol. Worked for us.

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I searched the house with my two daughters and found all the dummies. Then I told them a story about the dummy- fairy who collects all dummies to give to sick and very poor children who really need them. Then we went down to the post shop selected the right bag and posted them off to the dummy fairy. I actually didn’t think it would work but it did. When they asked after a dummy I reminded them where they went. They didn’t even complain.

Just give it to her at night for sleep

All 3 of my kids loved their pacifiers. When they turned 3 they were only allowed at nap and bed time. They weened themselves on their own as they got older maybe 4 as they started preschool and couldn’t take it there. None of them have crooked teeth or needed braces.


My children just threw them away around age 3. I didn’t have to do anything

I told mine it would mess up her teeth and she hasn’t wanted one. 6 months passy free

When my son was about 2.5 I cut his long-ways down the nipple 4 times so it was unusable. I showed him that it was “broken” and told him we had to throw it away. I let him put it in the trash, and he did. He was a little mad at me for breaking it, but he understood that it was gone and we didn’t have any others. He asked about it for a few weeks, but I just kept reminding him that we had to throw it away.

Just throw them away. She’ll be cranky for a day or two, then be over it. Just throw them out and tell her no more.

I used this method…had every intention of cutting a little more every few days until there was barely a nub there to suck on. But it only took one cut and 2 days top. He decided he didn’t really like it because it was harder to hold on to and the nipple was collapsing. At the beginning of first day i did have to take away any others he found that he had hidden. Because I was only cutting the one…

No my son spit out right away and said this one is icky n threw a fit for his other one

We somehow kept losing my daughter’s nuk. One day I just told her I’m not gonna look for your nuk anymore if you can’t keep track of it. I stopped looking for them and she was fine. I dont think she understood lol but she didn’t really whine or complain for it. Outta sight, outta mind. This was right before she turned 1. She was only my kid who used one so I was grateful for that

I run my own large a daycare and I have kids whose parents want them off of it. And we help aide in that transition. Right before nap time we tell them because they are such a big girl / boy now… the binki/paci fairy is going to come and take their binki and leave them a toy or treat because they were such a GOOD big girl/boy at giving it up. And when they wake up from nap :sleeping: we have a little treat or gift for them. It has worked for about 9 kids I have taken care of that have had them. And that’s everyone of them that I have had. However, all of them were a bit closer to 3 and could understand the process a little better. Most all of them we used the fact that they about to turn into a “big three year old.”


My daughter loved hers always carried 2 around with her and a bottle. Last summer she threw 2 of them into an opening in the back of our air conditioner. She watched me try to get them out. I told her they were gone Mommy couldn’t get them out and she just excepted it. When she asked for them I reminded her that she threw them in the air conditioner. Then I started telling her she was too big for one. She just found one the other day somewhere and took a nap with it. When she woke up we talked about how she was a big girl now and Binks were for little babies and she went and threw it away on her own. She is 3


We took my daughters away at 1 yr and half. We started at nap and bed only and also gave her a TT (taggie blanket). Target sells them FYI. Not long after I started to only give her the TT with out her paci. It was more the comfort factor for her. Good luck!!!


Thankfully, my son popped hos across the room at about 9mons and never took one again. My daughter was never into them, at all. 🤦 Sometimes I wished she would take it. Lol
But my niece, good grief, she’s a plug addict. Lol
Even if it’s cut, let her have it. They say to get rid of it bc it can move their baby teeth, which can move their permanent teeth…
Your best bet, what we’re doing for my niece and it worked for my nephews, just take it away slowly. My sister took them out while they slept and they learned to self soothe without it.

We gathered them and told my daughter and nephew that other babies needed “binkies” and they “sent” them to the other littles. They were thrown out. My daughter had the blanket it was attached to still and she was fine.

Just lose them all one day n say it went bye bye n can’t find any etc she will cry prob for a day but will get over it

Just get rid of all of them. It takes like 2-3 days for them to forget about them and it will suck but has worked with both of my kids


I actually just broke both my girls of their pacis this week…(1 1/2 & 2 1/2) my younger daughter copies big sister a lot so she picked up loving her paci pretty late…but my older daughter is older than your daughter but yours still might understand…I told her pacis when bye bye and told her they went to babies who needed them like her baby cousin and that she was a big girl now…my oldest daughter really make a big deal about it after first nap time she cried just a bit but since it didn’t bother big sister it didn’t bother little sister…they both still have their blankies so with my old daughter I replaced the paci with a little stuffed animal…so that’s always an option…some people say once it’s gone not to talk about it but with my daughter it got easier when we talked about it…you’d ask how are you a big girl? And excitedly she would say no more pacis! Then ask her well where did the pacis go and she would say to babies like baby Karter (my nephews name) and she’s smile from ear to ear so it can work for you or against

Throw them all AWAY. Best method EVER!

Just don’t give it to her . Tell her she is to old for it and find another way to comfort her

The best/easiest thing to do is to “lose” all of them. We legitimately lost my daughters last one and once I explained it to her it was done. She would say she missed it but it wouldn’t go past that

Tell her you can’t find it and don’t have money for a new one.

No we told her dummys yucky and needs to go in the bin. She even put one in the bin. Any time she asks for one i say oh remember yucky we put them in the bin. Distraction is also key you answer then distract them from the conversation. You need to stick with it. My daughter hasn’t had one for weeks now and has slowly asked less and less about it. Good luck mumma it isn’t easy but if you really want to cut the habit patience and routine.

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I started doing nap time nuks only. Then eventually cut the nipples off the nuks. Mine threw fits but he got over it

My daughter hated when I cut the tip of her pacifier. I ended up just throwing them all away one day. The first day there was a lot of crying and tantrums and she didn’t nap. The next day was a lot easier and within the week she was fine.

I just told my daughter when she turned 2 that we had lost it lol she was like “oh, ok” and that was the end of the binky for us lol

Tomorrow cut more of the nipple off. The next day or two, cut the whole nipple off so its more work for her to have it in there than not.

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Baby #1 didn’t want it after 3 months
Baby #3 we had to take it away during the day and only allow it to help her fall asleep as soon as she asleep it came right out

I did this. Cut a little bit each week. Eventually it pissed him off and he threw it out.

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The binki fairy put the binki in a bag on a tree next morning a toy is there

Went cold Turkey with my ex’s daughter. She was a monster the first day or two but by time a week passed she didn’t even care she didn’t get them.

So one night my daughter had a binky and she was falling in our bed and the binky dropped behind the bed. I was alone as hubby was at work, the crack was too small for my hand to fit to grab it, couldn’t lift a king sizebed by myself, and she had no other binky so she woke up from her dropping it and asked for it. I told her “sorry you dropped it and you have no more” and she cried for like 10 mins then fell asleep. Never had a problem after that so I was lucky. I planned on just throwing them out anyways instead of the cutting method just did it sooner than expected lol.

Give them to the dummy fairy for new babies, in return the dummy fairy gives you a small gift for donating your dummies. Eg a little toy, story book!

My sister just brought them to build a bear. She had them put the pacifier in the bear


for my 2nd or 3rd birthday my mom hired a clown for my party and he traded me some candy for my nook and that was that

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This is g2sound like I was horrible, but to get my oldest off it by 2, there was a tear in it and I told her if she sucked on it, it could break off n she could choke and die…I was like 23 at the time…but to ease up, I said a binky fairy will come and bring binkies to kids that cant get them…so once it’s gone to the fairy, it will be fixed for other kids. She didnt want to die from choking so she tossed it herself…my 2nd child is now 6mths n I’m now 35 so I g2think of a tactic for him too prob with not being so scary lol…but luckily he only wants it to help put him to sleep and then it’s out…so maybe a little easier w him I’m hoping

I just took it away with the first two and traded it for a blanket. With my 6 other one there was a friend that just had a baby and I told her that she was to big so let’s get all your passy and give them to the baby bc you’re a big girl and don’t need them. With my niece I just threw it away and took the trash immediately out. She was pissed for a week. But she was 2 and her mom thought it was cute but the dentist was saying it had to go bc it was rotting her teeth. So as her babysitter instead of shoving the pacifier in her mouth when she cried I listen to what was wrong. Worked a lot better. Sister was mad bc she wanted to keep it in her mouth till age 5. Instead of dealing with her kid.

Tell her it’s going to the dummy fairy and once she takes it she’ll leave her a little something x

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The best thing you can do is to never give a baby a pacifier. He/she will do just fine without one. Keep your baby happy and you won’t need one believe me.


Eh we took it cold turkey. Took three-ish nights of fussing and then she was over it.

If I cut them my little girl would just cry and cry for it but she bit off the tip herself by accident and I told her she broke it and she never cried again and she’s been off for almost 2 months now.

My son dropped his once and i couldnt find it so i said no more and he cryed all night and then it was over

I cut the tip for my daughter, it didn’t work out so well, so I cut more off after a few days, she was frustrated that she she couldn’t hold it in her mouth as much, but still managed to do it. So I cut a little more off in a few more days and that was the end. She still got it at naps, and bedtime, but never used it. Then one day she woke up from nap and they were all gone, never heard a peep about it again

I just made them all disappear. Out of sight out of mind for my littles.

I just threw them away cold turkey all 4 times

I just got my daughter to throw it in the bin herself when she was around one and a half

Cold turkey. It sucks but it really is the only way that worked for my son… :frowning: he was closer to 3 and I tried it allll!!! :scream:
I learned my lesson and never gave another passy to my other kids

My friend gives it to the dummy fairy in the morning and child gets it back at night

Tell them pacifier is for babies they are a big kid now

Cut it short so she cant suck on it at all. We cut the tips off our kids ones, but they didn’t want them after we dis that. Just toss them. It may take a few days, dont give in…they will get over it. There will be tears, and you will want to give them one. But dont. Have NONE in the house or car. Clear it out completely.