How to wean from the pacifier?

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I’m a first time mommy to a 16-month-old girl. The day after she was born she was admitted to the NICU due to low blood sugar. When I had her I had told the nurses that I didn’t want to use a pacifier, but when she was admitted to the NICU the NICU nurses there told me it would help soothe her between feedings (they had us on a strict feeding schedule with her). Once we were discharged with her we made the mistake of just letting her keep the pacifier. Now that she’s getting close to 2, I’d like to start weaning her from it. She’s already weaned herself a bit by only using it for nap/bedtime. Does anyone have any tips/tricks to save at least some fuss?


Soon she’ll just forget about it mine was about 2 when she got tired of take it around and she just didn’t want it anymore

My mom with out bottles took us to the trash and told us say bye to bobba because now it’s time to be a big boy/girl and throw it away and when they ask for it say remember we threw it away because your a big boy/girl and just keep saying that and try to do other things like go play outside

We unintentionally weaned my son when he was around 1. We lost the only pacifier he’d use and by the time we found it, he was over it. It sucked the first few days, but it worked.

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I took my sons away around 2…we did a whole “bye bye binky” and sent them up with balloons!!! He never once asked for it after that!

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Just throw it away. Might be tough for a couple days. I know a lot of people have the pacifier fairy come and take it away. Not sure if that will help.

I cut my son off completely. It was one tough nap. 1 tough bedtime and that was it. He was 19mts

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My daughter was OBSESSED with her pacifier. It started to affect her teeth. One day the babysitter poked a small hole in the tip of the nipple. She never used it again.

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We cut a hole on the tips so she still had it but lost interest in it…

Sippy cup tell he shes a big girl now my son threw his bottle and binky in thr trash told me he was ready for his big boy cup

Throw it away. Help her find new ways of self soothing. My son lost his and we never looked back. Same with the bottle. He was 11 months and I got him on a cup and never looked back.

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All or nothing was the only thing that worked for mine. Bottles and binky. Lol throw them all out so you aren’t tempted to give in.

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My daughter was two when I made her throw it in the trash herself then I tied the bag and took it outside to the dumpster she got over it within 24 hrs

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My son “lost” his when he was 14 months old. I never bought another. He cried a night or two and was over it. We just tried to find other things to soothe him


I had my daughters sewn to her pillow and she eventually left it alone because she was afraid if she was in bed she would miss something lol she was nosy

I pretty much just let them do it on their own…eventually they just lost interest in it.

My friend has a “pacifier fairy” that comes like the tooth fairy. All 4 of her children were done with it in 1 night. The “fairy” comes to take pacifier and leaves a small gift.


My grandad threw my pacifier out the window going down the interstate :joy::heart:


Theres NO tips or tricks…

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Cold turkey is what i did with my 2 older girls…youll have a rough first few nights but after that youll be golde

Honestly when my kids turn 2 i throw them away… deal withb the temper tantrum for a couple days n ull b fine so will she :slight_smile:

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The only way my dad could get my brother off was to throw the pacifier in The trash can right in front of him. He cried but was over it a day later,

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My 2 yr old had a wubbanub monkey binky… we cut
The binky completely off and let him keep the monkey … he only cried/ whined for about an hour and then went to sleep and slept
Through the night… nap time he fussed about 10 mins and then slept for 2 hrs …

My daughter gave hers to Santa bc the babies needed them.

Cut the tips off of all of them. Ahe will lose interest within a day or two with mild fussing.

Lol see am a mean mom… I just took it away. If they cried they cried. Tough love. Lol am not saying that goes for everyone but it went for me.

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My daughter only had hers at bedtime for a little bit… then I just started putting her to bed without one and made sure there were none in the house. She got over it pretty quick without much fuss at all.

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Both my babies went to the NICU, both had binkys while they were in but once they came home neither one wanted anything to do with em. My mom told my little sister big girls don’t need binkys

My daughter cut the tips off the nipples! It worked!

My daughter wasn’t really interested in a paci. But I would just throw it away at this point or she will just keep sucking it.

My 2.8 yr old had her ninny issue. And my 1.8 yr old had her bottle issue. They share a room so I had to break them at the same time. I threw everything away. No more after that 3 hard days but after that no more issues.

Just throw it out… the first day or so may not be pleasant but I feel it’s all or nothing. It will be ok

Wow last time I replied to a binkie question on this site, I got hammered for saying binkies go bye bye at 2 years old. Glad to see other moms with the same philosophy i had

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Throw it away, my son was in the NICU and yes they do use them cause it also helps them suckle but when we got home it want pushed so he didn’t keep the attachment

My daughtersfive months old and only uses hers between 8pm and 7am to enable a whole nights undisturbed sleep… my plan is to start taking it as she’s drifted off, then take it when she’s half asleep, leave it with her to lay her down with and away completely in about a month…

In your case where she’s older and has a stronger attachment, I would just tough love it and throw it away but as suggested earlier give her something new and exciting to play with to keep her both busy and happy. She will be upset however you decide to do it

Just throw them away.

With my oldest who is 11 now, I used Santa. I had already taken all of her paci’s away but my mother gave them back and then it was another waiting game to get them away again. I waited until just before Christmas and we started prepping her. Santa was coming and he was going to take all of her paci’s in place of her toys. Sometimes incentives are necessary.

Throw it away and tell her it is gone, not good

Just take it from her she will be ok

I cut the tip off of them. Worked like a charm.